The dream of many racing enthusiasts is that Formulation 1 would also visit their country, but the cruel truth is that organizing an F1 race is far more complicated than a sincere wish. Many countries have already competed to organize the F1 race, and few have existed for many years on the calendar.

Formulation 1 has already left South Korea, India and Turkey, and in some countries F1 races have shifted to another venue. Examples include moving the American race from Indianapolis to Austin and the French from Magny Cours to Paul Ricard.


A cheap Formula One race is mission impossible, but the fastest way, though, is to organize a street race that takes place on city streets otherwise intended for public transport. Street racing is understandably cheaper in the first phase, since it is not necessary to build a racetrack, while at the same time the country can promote its sights more effectively.

Formulation Pupil – Maribor students who make racing cars

On the other hand, in the street variant, due to the construction of prefabricated stands and the adaptation of the road surfaces, the operating costs are much higher, as the notorious track type approval, which is confirmed by Fia, is a fruitless process.

The cost of building the infrastructure then needs to be added to the fee that the race organizer has to pay to the licensee, that is, Liberty Media, which averages about 30 million dollars a year, but the amount is increased every year by %. Typically, a contract for new racetracks is concluded for a period 10. years, which together approx. 500 million dollars.

When we do the superficial calculations, we find that the cost of organizing a Formula 1 race for the period 02. the flight is about a billion dollars in both the street and classic variants. The construction of a racetrack is understandably much higher than the start-up costs, while in street racing we face significantly higher annual costs, since only installing stands, hiring workers and all the necessary vehicles need to be deducted per year 20 million euros.

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