Ferrari: Binotto is the one that will get us back to the top of Formula One

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Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri expressed his support for F1 team boss Matii Binott, who he believes is the person who can bring Ferrari back to the glory polls.

During the season 2019, Binotto took over the management of Ferrari's F1 team from the hands of Maurizio Arrivebene, despite failing to win the Maranell team again and Binotto continues to enjoy the full confidence of the leadership of the famous Italian brand.

Louis Camilleri is convinced that Ferrari needs stability in the first place.

Mattia has the full support of Ferrari. We are convinced that he is the right person to lead the Ferrari and the person who can bring us to the top. We have undergone a major staff reorganization this year and have taken a step forward. Our goal is the World Cup title and we want to make further progress next year.

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