Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto is convinced that it is actually good that the incident between Sebastian Vettl and Charles Leclerc happened this season, as Maranell is seriously expected to continue in the coming year break the domination of the Mercedes, which will not be possible in the event of such a collapse.

Binotto, who described the Brazilian clash between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc as a “stupid move”, claimed that the Maranello team would set clear rules for its runners before next season, but there would be no such incidents tolerated more.

Despite frequent disagreements between Vettle and Leclerc, Binotta claims that they still believe in their race couple in Maranell.

“It is better that this happened this year, at the moment when the championship is already decided. They will now have the opportunity to clear things up before the start of the new season, and I hope this event has been a good lesson for both of us.

Both will need to be aware that they are racing for Ferrari and this is where the team’s interests come first. In the 2020 season, we want to take an extra step forward and we can't afford such complications anymore. “

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