Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he would like to see a female driver in Formula One who would compete with all male drivers.

The six-time world champion has spoken of his desire to make System 1 and motorsport more “diverse,” and in the future wants to help young racers in particular, paving the way for a very trekking world of racing. .

“I want to help young people,” said Hamilton, “I want to help make this sport more diverse. I want to encourage diverse teams, I want to make the sport more accessible.

“I was at an FIA Gala event where I ran into an Asian family, which was unusual since I thought I would be the only black person again. It is ridiculous to laugh at such things, but I am in a world where it is perfectly normal. “

“So to see different people in the audience, whether it's black, Asian, whatever it is, it's just wonderful to see diversity slowly coming to the surface, as it is a world open to all. ”

Hamilton added that F1 should become more diverse:

“I hope at some stage a young, strong woman will come to F1 and sweep in competition. Wouldn't that be something special? “

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