Robert Kubica spoke about the pain he endured after an accident that threatened his life almost nine years ago.

The Polish driver is appropriate after the accident at the Ronda di Andorra rally, which took place before the start of the F1 season, 2011 leave the fastest circus.

Before the accident, Kubica had four full seasons in Formula One, and the Polish racer was considered one of the most talented young racers in the world of motorsport.

However, a fatal accident in which the Pole suffered serious injuries completely changed his life.

“It was a few nights when I was crying,” is 35 – year old told TVP. “ 20 years of passion and work changed in one second .

“I was ideally able to rehabilitate myself mentally as well as physically. The turning point was when I wasn't thinking how to do anything, but I was happy to be able to do it at all. “

The hub slowly began to climb the Formula One return ladder and, 2011, drove something for Renault test miles, which immediately sparked rumors of his return to F1 racing.

Renault then decided to put Carlos Sainz, Kubic, on the team 2018 alongside Nico Hulkenberg. however, he transferred to Williams, where he held the position of backup driver.

After a year on the sideline with Williams, Cub of the Year 2018 was confirmed as a F1 member of team a was his return was marked by a bad Williams car, which meant that the Pole was doomed to beginnings.

Cubic, who is likely to re-work as a development driver next season, stressed that the extent of his injury means that something as simple as tying his shoes is no longer taken for granted.

“As a rule, I am lazy and do not bind them at all, but if I did it like before the accident, it would not be possible,” said Kubica. “After a while, the mind and body find a new path and the end result is important.”

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