(Motorsport-Total.com) – The Formula 1 season 2019 has in leave their mark on the local TV landscape. Free TV broadcaster RTL in particular has faced a number of hurdles in the current year and has received the receipt for the quotas. On the one hand there would be the very monotonous season, especially at the beginning, for Sebastian Vettel without World Cup probability, on the other hand, the larger competition.

Sebastian Vettel


The unsatisfactory season of Vettel probably dropped interest Zoom Win

Because battle of the viewers 2018 in large parts of Germany practically relied on RTL, gave there alternatives in the past season. Sky Deutschland returned to the reporting after a year off, and battle F1 TV Expert is now also available throughout the season and equipped with new ingredients.

It is therefore not surprising that the Cologne private broadcaster struggled with falling ratings. Did you 2018 still get a total audience rating of 94, 52 million fans, it was 2019 more than ten million less: 84, 15 Millions.

at 21 Grands Prix thus lost an average of half a million spectators per race: 4.0 million instead of 4.5 million previously tuned in. The market share decreased on average by 29 31 percent on 25, 65 percent.

Nevertheless, RTL was able to overover seven of in a third of the races. – achieve a higher audience rating than in the previous season: Bahrain, Austria, Italy, Russia, Japan, Mexico and Brazil , It is striking that most of them are in the second half of the season, when Mercedes was no longer as dominant battle and especially Ferrari was stronger.

Season record in Hockenheim

Surprising: Although 2018 in summer the football World Cup took place, France and Great Britain sometimes had significantly higher odds than the footballless one 2019.

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The most popular event was the race in Sochi, the 710. 000 fans recorded more. The most viewed race of the year battle Germany (5, 37 million) before Italy (5, 26) and Brazil (5, 01).

Quota flop of the year battle of the Enormous Prix in Canada, where instead of 5, 71 million only 4, 08 millions of fans watched. In China, Spain, Hungary and the USA, too, more than a million fans tuned in less. The races with the fewest spectators were unsurprisingly the early races in Australia (1, 63), Japan (2, 03) and China (3, 06).

Sky with almost nine million viewers

Comparisons with Pay TV broadcaster Sky are with 2018 not possible due to re-entry. Extrapolated, the channel has an audience rating of 8, 98 millions of viewers, which on average is just under 428. 000 fans per race. The market share scoot on average at 2, 91 percent.

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High odds dealer battle Mexico with 640. 000 viewers in front of Brazil (560. 000) and Belgium (550. 000), the negative list is Japan (220. 000) , Spain (330. 000) and Abu Dhabi (330. 000).

By the way: Also 2020 RTL and Sky continue to report Formula 1.

ORF increases to 2018

See differently the numbers from the Austrian colleagues of ORF. The station could even increase compared to the season 2018. Round 534. 000 fans were there per race this year, the year before it was “only” .) 000. Extrapolated to the year, this makes an increase of 10, 8 million on 11,2 million – with a constant market share of 37 percent.

ORF was able to increase in the majority of races: 13 Enormous Prix ratings increased, you only had to accept losses eight times. In general, the second half of the season also battles harder, but the biggest surprise is Baku, where you can find yourself from 387. 000 on 601. 000 viewers could increase !

Again the battle of the Germany Enormous Prix (679 . 000) the most watched of the year, followed by the home game in Austria (672. 000) and Italy (652. 000) , As with RTL are Australia (224. 000), Japan (259. 000 ) and China (404. 000) at the end of the spectrum. France experienced the biggest slump: 466. 000 viewers instead 625. 000 the previous year.

A detailed overview of all TV ratings of the Formula 1 season 2019 can be found on de.motorsport.com .

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