The new F1 financial rules that will take effect in the year 2021 – known as the “budget ceiling” – are certainly one of the most controversial regulations published in 70 – Formula One's annual history.

At the first presentation, many warned the F1 governing body, the FIO, that it would simply not be able to control the spending of money, but the FIA ​​has an extensive policy at 41 sites, these fears have largely been eliminated.

The logical questions that follow are: Can a team (or driver) be championed for breaching a budgetary limit ?; And: Can such an exclusion occur if the financial reporting is for a specific year 12. next March?

A glance at the regulations already shows that both scenarios are possible. Possible penalties for violating spending limits also include exclusions from race championships and discontinue teams five years after they have been “conquered”.

The official ranking of the World Cup is final at the annual FIE Awards in early December. But in such circumstances, the “final” results would not actually be completely definitive.

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The regulations stipulate that teams submit details of their spending during the discontinue season 19. March Central European Time for the Ending Period 31. December of the previous calendar year.

In the Sanctions section, Article 9c provides for a number of severe penalties in the case of a “financial sport infringement”, including:

  • Design Champion points deduction awarded during the reporting period and / or
  • Deduction of championship points for drivers assigned during the reporting period / or
  • Championship Exclusion

For the avoidance of doubt as to which Championship is referred to under “Exclusion”, the regulations define the “Championship” as “the Formula One FIA ​​World Championship, which includes the Constructors Championship and the Drivers Championship.”

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