Adrian Newey is an engineer and F1 constructor who is forever changed the profession of Formula One racing car design shortly after arriving at the fastest sport in the late 1980s. His oeuvre includes a series of pioneering F1 cars that have forever written down in motorsport and Formula 1 history.

With a degree in Aviation and Astronautics from the University of Southampton, Newey has been for years 1980 with the Fittipaldi F1 team, under the mentorship of Harvey Postlethwait , first experienced the elite motorsport class. Newey moved to the US 1984 in the year to join the Indy Team Project March, with which he won two World Championships and Indy 500 before being dragged back to the F1 Championship by North American connections with the longtime Lola team.

He soon returned to the March team, which was renamed Leyton Home, and his F1 cars quickly attracted the attention of other designers. It was distinguished by its extremely elegant and slim design style, which sought to fit all components into as small a space as possible. The then racers Mauricio Gugelmin and Ivan Capelli complained so often that there was not enough space in the cockpit.

Neweya then managed to lure Frank Williams into his team, and the British engineer of the year 1980 started designing FW 14 , who, despite having an excellent chassis, lost his fight with McLarn, due to reliability issues.

Active suspension is in year 1992 Allowed Nigel Mansell to dominate the car and Williams won the World Championship in a dominant way. A year later, with Williams FW 15, C celebrated Alain In the meantime, Newey has already gained a reputation as a cult engineer.

Ayrton Senna thought that passing okay Williams was the only way he could match his talents with a car of equal abilities. But the year 1994 for Williams began to have problems handling the new car, Senna lost his fight for life in a tragic race in Imola after a severe collision.

His death greatly affected the Williams team, especially Newey. The lengthy trials have put a heavy strain on them in the years that follow, and it is not until the years 2005 that Newey was finally acquitted. allegations of murder.

Adrian Newey on the loss of Ayrton Senna and the sense of responsibility

Despite the trauma of the year 1994 the team is in years 1996 and 1997 regained primacy, with Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve Williams wins two more championships. With Frank Williams and Patrick Head blocking Newey's promotion to the position of CTO, the Briton moved in 1998 a season ago in Mclaren.

This coincided with a significant change in aerodynamic rules that the team took great advantage of. Newey's MP4 – 13 has been a benchmark since the first races of the season 1998. Newey's design included a system of innovative use of another brake pedal , which was soon banned by the FIA.

A relatively quiet period followed between the dominance of Ferrari in the Schumacher / Byrne / Todt / Brawn lineup and Newey was ready for the new challenge he found at Crimson Bull, where he was inspired by the opportunity. to take the team to the top of Formula One.

Mclaren MP4 – 15: Newey's Flawed Perfection

He sought to help restructure the team and lay the foundations for the future in the transition from Ferrari to Renault engines. In perhaps its most impressive achievement today, Crimson Bull has been operating for years 2009 has become a benchmark for all competition. Although the team that lacked the controversial “double diffuser” year 2009 started the year in deficit, Crimson was Bull car already the best on Formula 1 start line.

Crimson Bull's dominance began, which lasted all of the start of the Formula One hybrid era, and Sebastian Vettel won four consecutive World Champion titles with Newey's cars.

The Crimson Bull RB9 is another in a series of masterpieces by Adrian Newey, who joined forces with Rob Marshall (chassis) and Peter Prodromou (aerodynamics). RB9 was the highlight of the Crimson Bull Championship era, and Sebastian Vettel got with him 2013 by 18. races and won the World Cup poker titles smoothly.

Crimson Bull RB9 – Hungry Heidi who ate the competition

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