Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto remains convinced that Maranello's team at the GP Singapore has made the right decision by swapping Sebastian Vettl's early-race strategy for the position of its racers.

Sebastian Vettel took advantage of a fresh start by taking advantage of fresh tires and overtaking the leading Charles Leclerc through the boxing box. Monacan, who was visibly disappointed after losing the city, repeatedly reminded his team that Ferrari's strategy was not fair in his opinion.

Team boss Mattia Binotto also remains convinced after the end of the season that Ferrari made the right decision in Singapore to restore Vettl's confidence, at least in part.

“From the very beginning of the season, Sebastian has had problems with his car, mainly due to instability in braking. I think Leclerc was a good benchmark for him, as such a fast teammate caused him quite a few “headaches.” To improve, he is always very analytical. He approaches the analysis thoroughly, is not emotional in this regard, looks at the data, compares sectors and observes where it ends up being slower or faster. He was under a lot of pressure during the first part of the season. I think in the sequel he reacted very well to the whole situation. Winning Singapore was crucial to him, not only because of the points, but also his confidence in the team. He regained the confidence that he could count on the team if needed. I think Singapore was the right time to give him a chance to win. “

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