(Motorsport-Entire.com) – 2019 remained the Formula 1 factory teams from Renault clearly behind their own expectations . Fourth among manufacturers last year, McLaren's own customer team pushed past this season. Instead of the connection to the top you continue to fight for the positions in the middle.

Cyril Abiteboul


Cyril Abiteboul wants to make the leap into the top field with Renault 2021 Zoom Download

wants to give up and you can't at Renault. On the contrary. “We already showed last year that you can win races with our engine,” says team boss Cyril Abiteboul at ' Auto, Motor und Sport 'and thus addresses the victories of Red Bull 2018 when you were still there drove with Renault engine.

A lot has happened since then in the engine department of the French manufacturer. The Renault drive is now the second strongest in the field behind Ferrari. Now you want to readjust elsewhere in order to really exploit the potential. Chief Advisor Alain Prost mainly looks at one department.

How much can Renault benefit from new rules?

“United states can also do the same in aerodynamics if we hang united statesso like in the engine, “believes the Frenchman. And Abiteboul reveals who to use as a role model: “McLaren has shown used to be with restructuring the crew and new people. You are a year earlier with the change than we are.”

Changed into once Regarding Renault's schedule, the change 2021 should succeed , if the new Formula 1 rules apply . Especially the midfield teams sense their likelihood in it. However, it will first have to be shown how much the regulatory reform is really worth. The fact is that their top teams also have an advantage here with their preparation.

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Finally, in addition to the focus on 2021 also the transition year 2020, for which the rules remain stable. This means that there is no budget limit and for the last time manufacturers can spend any amount of money, depending on their capacity, of course. And that is greatest at Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.

Juggling between investments for 2020 and 2021

“The top teams have the money for two programs,” says Prost. “Even if you develop very same outdated for 2020, you still have for 2021 a fund as big as ours for both years. ” That's why Renault sees only one way to really make a difference in the future: 2020

“Then we could united states under almost the same conditions as the top teams on 2021. It's our big likelihood, “explains the Renault consultant. At the same time, however, he emphasizes: “A crew like Renault cannot simply write off the season 2020 to sacrifice them 2021. We are forced to do reasonably well. “

Alain Prost


Alain Prost knows: Renault has to invest between 2020 and 2021 weigh Zoom Download

Therefore, according to 'Auto, Motor und Sport', one is currently working on concluding new sponsorship contracts in order to further resources for the development of the 2020 er-cars. But the funding remains afterwards, with the introduction of the much discussed budget ceiling, an arena for teams like Renault, as Abiteboul explains.

Renault plans development stop at engine 2022

“If the budget cap and the new distribution mode come, we can fully refinance our Formula 1 crew. All that's left is the cost of the engine. And that's too high at the moment. For 2021 everyone will build new engines because new cars require a different installation and different cooling concepts. “

In order to reduce the costs, Renault plans to stop development. “After that there is no longer a reason why you should not freeze the development. At the moment all four engines are in a range of 20 Kilowatts. That will adjust even further. Everything used to be then comes, is little income for a lot of money, “said the team boss.

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