(Motorsport-Total.com) – Although Red Bull is basically more than satisfied with Max Verstappen as a driver, Helmut Marko believes that six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is still the better overall package. This is revealed by the Red Bull Motorsport consultant in the first part of our video point to “The big review of the year: 10 daring theses about the Formula 1 season 2019 “.

Helmut Marko, Max Verstappen


Helmut Marko thinks that Max Verstappen can still increase Zoom Download

In an interview recorded exclusively in Marko's office in Graz for the review of the year, the 76 – year olds confronted with one of our ten theses, which says: “Even if Lewis Hamilton is six times world champion: Max Verstappen is now the fastest and best driver Formula 1. “

Marko thinks the thesis (which does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editors) is not correct:” Verstappen magazine is already the faster one. But as a package “is Ham ilton still the better one. “He has an unbelievable basic speed, and of course has routine. You have seen that again and again.”

Hamilton cucumber in the free practice sessions in nowhere, but hardly qualifying, “peng, he hits a lap “. Marko is particularly impressed by the “racecraft” of the Mercedes superstar and cites the Monaco Huge Prix as an example: “Driving in the passages where he cannot overtake is easy on his tires.”

“Of course he has routine over Max. That is a huge advantage. And of course he was lucky that he was mostly at the top where life was easier,” says Marko. “But we want to change that next year!”

The video point to “The great review of the year: 10 daring theses about the Formula 1 season 2019 “with moderator Kevin Scheuren, known from the podcast” Initiating Grid “, and Our editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervoll appears in two parts on 27. and 29. December, at 18: 00 o'clock.

The first part (47 minutes) is available on our website YouTube – and Facebook channel to be seen!

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