At the end of the year, Lewis Hamilton remembered his good friend Niki Laudo, who lost the battle of his life 2019 after a serious illness.

Formula One legend, Niki Lauda, ​​died in hospital in Vienna, a huge name 70, in May due to kidney failure.

Lauda has been struggling with health issues for a long time, and for years 2018 has undergone a demanding lung transplant surgery, for which he spent two months in hospital .

A few days before his death, Laudo also visited Hamilton at the hospital, dedicating his sixth World Cup title to an Austrian.

“It was really hard to see. We were sending each other videos a few weeks earlier. His condition has already improved significantly.

“Then there was another deterioration, and that's when I visited it. It was a great shock to me to see my friend on a bed hooked up to all the appliances. Still, I noticed that his fighting spirit, and that bright spirit that still shines, has dimmed a little, which is natural when you go through such a long battle. It really hurt me. “

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