(Motorsport-Total.com) – 2021 could be the big back in Formula 1 Formula 1 queue – also at Ferrari. Because while Charles Leclerc has extended his contract before Christmas to 2024, it runs Contract with Sebastian Vettel next year. Quite a few wish that Mick Schumacher inherited his compatriot and continued the era of Papa Michael. But this will not happen for the time being.

Mick Schumacher


Until Mick Schumacher hires as a driver at Ferrari, it still takes Zoom Download

“For our young talents, 2021 comes too early,” emphasizes team boss Mattia Binotto. Anyone who will be sitting in the red car in the season after next needs to have experience with every tumble, because then the most extensive rule changes in Formula 1 have been pending for many years. And even if everyone starts from scratch with the new car in terms of experience, Formula 1 skills are very important, as Binotto says.

A driver like Mick Schumacher is therefore “none for him” Choice “. Nevertheless, the German is of course still part of the driver academy and “will be a good candidate for Formula 1 in the future.”

But Schumacher 2020 in Formula 2. His debut year at Prema was only moderate with twelfth place and a win of the season – however so far so often in his career. Nevertheless, Binotto says: “He has performed well this season. In the overall standings, experienced pilots could be seen in front, but he had a good season to gain experience.”

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But now he has to prove that Ferrari signed him for sporting reasons, and not just because he was the son of Michael Is Schumacher. “We expect a lot from him in the coming year,” says the team boss. And that should be the key to his future in Formula 1.

Quite a few expect Schumacher 2021 could be parked at Alfa Romeo, where a space could become free if Kimi Raikkonen should end his career. He already had a Formula 1 test for the racing team from Hinwil, but 2020 one did Robert Kubica obliged as reserve pilot.

Entry into the premier class would be the next for Schumacher Step – and then maybe one day you could think about Ferrari. Because as a candidate for the future, Binotto does not exclude him: “The aim of the academy is to find the next skill for Ferrari. We believe that he has the skill to stay in the group.”

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