Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

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Rossi: In 2006, I almost swapped MotoGP for F1

Rossi: In 2006, I almost swapped MotoGP for F1 thumbnail

Motorcycle legend Valentino Rossi has revealed that he 2006 had a serious conversation with Ferrari about getting a four-wheeler from two.

Rossi recently tested the Mercedes F1 car, becoming the only racer to test both the dominant Mercedes and the Ferrari.

Rossi did a number of tests with Ferrari's F1 team over a decade ago, and the Italian reveals that he would almost swap his motorcycle racing career for racing in F1.

“After I tested for Ferrari, I interviewed with the team. They wanted to get me ready for racing in Formula One, and so they offered me to become a test runner first, which would allow me to slowly get used to it. I wanted to race, so I turned down the offer at the time. “