The racing seats for the F1 season 2020 are busy, but we are slowly turning our minds to the year 2021 when System 1 could experience the elite transitions of its biggest celebrities.

The only racers already confirmed for the season 2021 are Sergio Perez, Esteban Ocon, George Russell and Charles Leclerc while fate remains uncertain for most racers. Which racers will direct the turn of events ahead of us in the upcoming F1 season.


The current world champion Lewis Hamilton is the racer who holds the keys to this year's fate.

The Briton, who is about to turn 35, is in the final stages of his remarkable career in F1, however already made it clear that he will continue racing after the flight 2020 when his current contract with Mercedes expires.

Speculation linking Hamilton to a potential sensational transfer at Ferrari intensified during the last race weekend of the season 2019 when the boss Ferrari teammate Mattia Binotto says they are pleased at Maranell that Hamilton 2021 is available. Then reports surfaced in the Italian media that Hamilton had also twice met with Ferrari President John Elkanno in the year 2019.

What Schumacher F1 records can exceed Lewis in the offseason 2020 Hamilton

With his final triumph, Hamilton put himself in the sixth title to equalize Schumacher's record-setting seven championships – a feat he could accomplish in years 2020.

Transfer to Maranella is certainly an attractive option given Ferrari's situation and glorious F1 history. Most racers dream of sitting behind the wheel of a red car at one time, but moving to Scuderio would still pose some risk for Hamilton.

Despite its better form in recent years, Ferrari has not been able to beat Mercedes, and Scuderia has been waiting for the title for more than a decade. At Mercedes, Hamilton has found a comfortable environment in which he continues to race tremendously, while knowing that the Brackley team will provide him with a good enough car to maintain his current level of superiority for years 2021.

Still, moving milestones in the red car and winning the title with three different Hamilton teams could still be tempting for Maranella. In that case, the young silver silver arrow racer Esteban Ocon and George Russell would be the main candidates for his successor at Mercedes.

Whatever it is, the decision made by Hamilton will affect how violent the chain reaction is in the racing market, as most drivers are waiting for Hamilton's decision.


Sebastian Vettel is another racer who has found himself at a career crossroads, despite numerous mistakes last season, but the German has repeatedly denied all hints of a possible early retirement.

Vettel scored one win in the year 2019, often losing duels against teammate Charles Leclerc, who made the championship four times world champions. After a great first year behind the wheel of Ferrari, Leclerc was awarded a new five-year contract, which finally confirmed that Monacan was Ferrari's future.

Ferrari: Gift for Leclerc, warning for Vettl

As his contract expires at the end of the year 2020, Vettel's decision is likely to be influenced by Ferrari's performance in the coming season. If Vettel recaptured the kind of form he graced when he dominated Pink Bull, his chances of continuing to race for Ferrari even after the season 600 significantly larger.

Ferrari's decision would have been much easier had Lewis Hamilton promised loyalty to Mercedes earlier. On the other hand, the British arrival at the Ferrari Vettel could open the door to Mercedes or send him into a racing downtime.

If that happens, the question is who would occupy his seat in the red car if Hamilton did not cross into Maranello. One option could be Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo, who would have a hard time refusing a transfer to Scuderio. Another option could be Valtteri Bottas, which could fully fit into Ferrari's number 1 and number 2 policies.


Max Verstappen is certainly the hottest name in the driver's market, and the great season 2019 in which the Dutchman won three times just increased its value.

Like Hamilton and Vettel, Verstappen will be out of contract at the end of the year 2020, which is why they are ready to go around the Dutch at Mercedes, as well as at Ferrari.

Jos Verstappen: Max is my life project

However, by improving his form at the end of the year 2019, Pink Bull still retained Verstappen, and the Dutchman was pleased with Honda's progress. Honda ended the year with a significantly better engine that gives Verstapp hope for the future.

Pink Bull will still be a difficult 2021 pre-season situation, since there is actually a real danger that Max Verstappen might still be gone. While Alex Albon looks like a reliable candidate to stay with Pink Bull, the question is whether the young racer could fulfill his bosses' wishes and fight for the title. There are also Toro Ross racers Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat, and we should not exclude the possibility of Sebastian Vettl returning, who could conclude his successful career right with the team he achieved his greatest Formula One success.

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