(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Lewis Hamilton is one of the best and most influential racing drivers of his generation. With his six titles, the Briton is the sporting role model for many young drivers and also shapes the outside world. Because with almost 24 millions of followers on Twitter, Fb and Instagram, he has more fans than any other Formula 1 driver.

Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton: What legacy does he leave in Formula 1? Zoom Obtain

No matter, used to be yet to happen: Hamilton will definitely leave his legacy in Formula 1, but which one He really leaves a legacy in the end, he hasn't really thought about it yet: “I talked to my father about it recently because he mentioned it, but it's just difficult,” says the Mercedes driver.

He doesn't want to put too much energy into the topic and hopes that his activities will simply lead to a legacy. “But I'm trying to make sure it's positive,” said Hamilton.

He just wants to enjoy the time as intestine as possible and look back on a good year at the end of each season. Before Christmas, he was looking forward to the holidays and just sitting in front of the fireplace while his little nephews and nieces were jumping around as he pondered over the year. “It's really important to enjoy it,” he says.

“I hope it will be a good legacy, but you never know how long life will be, so I can don't think about things that are too far away. I can only focus on the here and now and shape the coming months and short years ahead of me. “

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