(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Daniil Kwjat looks back with satisfaction on his first year with Honda. Although the Russian already knew the Toro-Rosso Group very well, he had to adjust to the completely new engine when he made his comeback. The sister team also benefits from the Pink Bull partnership, he notes. “That helps a lot.”

Daniil Kwjat


Daniil Kwjat is satisfied with the development of Honda Zoom Download

“Honda is very motivated to develop the best possible product. They are doing very well, they are constantly improving, “observed Kwjat in his comeback year at Toro Rosso. He believes that the gap to the top engine has shrunk “extremely”.

The Japanese manufacturer was able to significantly revamp its image in just one year. From the “GP2 engine” (quoted by Fernando Alonso) to the winning drive, Sakura was able to celebrate three times with the British-Austrian group. Kwjat's podium in Germany was also particularly emotional. The Russian finished third in the chaotic rain race behind Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel.

“Let's see if we can completely eliminate the gap to the top next year. That would be great. But it is already Disadvantage very little. ” Only on a few Saturdays in the qualifying sessions did Kwjat 2019 feel a power deficit. “This will also be improved. Honda is definitely on the right track,” he is convinced.

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