The Crimson Bull team has officially confirmed that Max Verstappen has signed a new four-year contract under which he will race for the Red Bulls at least at the end of the season 2023.

With the signing of a new contract, Crimson Bull and Verstappen have ended speculation about the young Dutchman's possible departure after the end of the season 2020, when Verstappen would have expired his previous contract with Crimson Bull.

The Crimson Bull extended the deal with Verstappen two weeks after Ferrari entered into a long-term contract with its young star Charles Leclerc.

At the announcement of the beginner and the signing of a new contract, Verstappen was excited to stay with the team, bringing him to Formula One.

“I am very fortunate to stay at Crimson Bull, which is my home from the beginning. I am sure we are on the right track. Our goal is to win the World Champion title and we are all determined to succeed. I want to become a world champion and I think Crimson Bull is the right environment for success in the future. ”

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