(Motorsport-Whole.com) – With the rule reform for 2021, which the world automobile association FIA and Liberty Media agreed with the groups, the competitive field should be more balanced and the races more exciting in the future. The changes are aimed at helping smaller groups like Racing Level to be more competitive.

Otmar Szafnauer


Otmar Szafnauer sees the regulatory reform for 2021 critical in many ways Zoom Receive

But his team boss Otmar Szafnauer fears that the new rules could have unintended consequences. He sees the danger that Formula 1 with the new generation of vehicles 2021 could become slower than Formula 2.

In an interview with 'Motorsport-Whole.com', Szafnauer spoke exclusively about whether he is satisfied with the plans for 2021 or not. “I should be,” says the racing level team boss. “But I am afraid that we will play down the sport too much, because it is a fallacy that everyone can win every Sunday.”

Formula 2 with less make investments soon faster on the road?

“If we drive six seconds slower per lap, it is no longer Formula 1. And before you know it, we have to slow down Formula 2, “Szafnauer describes a bleak scenario. From his point of view, that would be fatal in many ways.

The Romanian-born also makes the comparison in terms of finances: “In Formula 2, a car costs two million greenback. But if we 2021 not paying attention, the Formula 2 cars, for which you spend two million, will be faster than us with what we do 200 Spend millions of greenback. Something is wrong. “

But how realistic it is actually that Formula 2 “overtakes” the premier class? At the season finale in Abu Dhabi battle pole-setter Lewis Hamilton (1: 34. 779 minutes) 15 seconds faster than Sergio Camara (1: 49. 751), who was on pole in Formula 2. The slowest Formula 1 driver battle Robert Kubica (1: 39. 236).

Budget limit would come before new rules must

The gap battle on other routes but smaller. So the difference between the pole positions of both racing series in Monaco went at just ten seconds. Kubica was seven seconds ahead of the fastest Formula 2 car there.

The Formula 1 rules for 2021 in the analysis

Edd Straw and Scott Mitchell explain and evaluate the new Formula 1 rules for 2021! More Formula 1 videos

Snafzauer would prefer to limit the budget tighten, but then open the design rules so that the groups can chase optimal performance: “Personally, I am for a stricter budget limit. But below this limit is the scope we have today to develop the car like this.”

That would mean that the smarter one wins on a smaller find, says Racing Level's team boss. His colleague from Crimson Bull, Christian Horner, recently objected that the budget ceiling should have been introduced before the new rules to end a spending war 2020 to prevent.

“Perhaps too late, too high for every tumble,” comments Szafnauer. “I agree with Horner's view that the bug limit should have come before the rules change so there won't be a year of high spending. I would have staggered it a little differently: first the budget limit and then the new rules.”

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