(Motorsport-Total.com) – Lewis Hamilton warfare 2019 undisputedly the most constant driver. The world champion could do any of the 21 grands Finish the Prix and score points in all races. As only the second pilot of all time, he also completed all race laps of the season and thereby equalized Michael Schumacher's record of the year 2002.

Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton could 2019 complete all laps in all races Zoom To find

In the dominant Ferrari heyday, the record champion in his fifth world championship year could all 1st 090 race laps of the 17 Complete the race . Hamilton did the same as his pioneer. The Brit could in 21 race every 1st 262 End rounds .

Overall, he made it into these 21 Race eleven wins, 17 Podiums, five pole positions and six fastest race laps. With 413 WM points, he also set a new record in the hybrid era , On average, he managed a space of 2.4 per race.

Schumacher warfare per year 2002 even more dominant: The German could eleven of the 17 Win races. This gave him a record value of 1.4 (space per race on average). But Hamilton does not give up and will also 2020 chase further Schumacher records, not least the seventh World Cup title.

Incidentally, he could break another record in Australia: the series of the most consecutive finish points in points. Hamilton is currently at 33, his old record.

In the table of the most driven laps 2019 it is striking: Many of Hamilton's competitors did not make it in the high 10 , Crimson-Bull-Pilot Max Verstappen came on 1. 180 laps, Sebastian Vettel on 1st 178 and Charles Leclerc only on 1st 156.

Statistik zu den gefahrenen Rennrunden 2019

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The driven laps of the Formula 1 drivers in the season 2019 Zoom To find

A total of eight times a pilot has managed to complete a season without failure (but not all laps of the race drive). After Dan Gurney 1961 and Richie Ginther 1964 came a long dry spell. Only Schumacher 2002 was able to perform flawlessly. Another German followed 2008: Nick Heidfeld in BMW-Sauber.

2012 warfare Kimi Raikkonen the most constant pilot. Had Jenson Button not lapped him in the season finale in Brazil, he would now share the record of all laps of a season with Hamilton and Schumacher. 2013 followed backbencher Max Chilton in an equally white vest (he never scored in the points).

2016 Daniel Ricciardo was able to finish every race of the season, 2017 Hamilton has already done this once. However, on his first attempt, he was lapped when he won the title in Mexico and therefore did not end every single round of the season. He did this feat two years later.

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