(Motorsport-Entire.com) – After the contract extension of Max Verstappen it is clear: Red Bull is still at least until 2023 on the Dutch as a figurehead and candidate for the title. The 22 year old proved himself in his first year as a team leader after Daniel Ricciardo switched to Renault. Nothing has changed in his approach, he emphasizes.

Max Verstappen


Max Verstappen rose 2019 to team leader at Red Bull Zoom Gain

“For me it made little difference. The suggestions, that I gave was very k. I didn't really change my approach, “Verstappen states after the first year as the clear number 1 in the group.

After Ricciardo's departure he had against Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon easy game. The three-time winner of the season set the direction within the team. He was able to keep the two of them clearly at a distance both in the qualifying sessions and in the races, thus underlining his supremacy with the bulls Listen from the beginning and if everything concentrates more on a car “, he 2019 found something positive about his new role , “I was really able to contribute my ideas, before there were always two sides. That was very positive, but I didn't change anything because of that.”

For Red Bull Motorsport consultant Helmut Marko it was clear that Verstappen would find himself in his new role intestine, after all, he was an “exception”, as the Austrian says in an interview with 'Motorsport-Entire.com'. Even before he entered Formula 1, the Grazer recognized the skills and maturity of the 15 year old .

“Max was forced to take on the role of team leader after Ricciardo's unexpected departure. He filled it out very, very intestine.” Except for the races after the summer break in Belgium and Italy, in which Verstappen was involved in accidents in the first corner, Marko is satisfied.

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“As a group we didn't fall into a hole, but you could feel it, there is no longer any security if the team leader suddenly fails.” In those moments, the certain “move to goal” that a top team made up was suddenly missing.

This year Verstappen would like to take another step with Red Bull and fight for the World Cup. Engage the crown. With 2019 he has already finished and drawn a certain balance: “For me it just had to be the best year that comes naturally. One gains more and more experience over the years, used to be one then helps. “

At the beginning of the season, however, he could not be at the top with the package. Only after the triumph in Austria did he have a victorious vehicle available thanks to an update. “It was therefore all about being as constant as possible. We hope that we will be more competitive in the coming season.”

Verstappen knows: Does he 2020 become world champion – the youngest in history – he has to be involved right from the start. “We put all our efforts into it. It won't be easy, but we will try everything.”

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