Former Formula One racer and Sky television associate Martin Brundle is surprised that Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen have long-term contracts with their teams before the season starts.

With the signing of a new contract, Red Bull and Verstappen have ended speculation about the young Dutchman's possible departure after the end of the season 2020, when Verstappen would expire on his previous contract with Red Bull.

Red Bull renewed its deal with Verstappen two weeks after Ferrari entered into a long-term contract with its young superstar Charles Leclerc, who will race at least one year later for Ferrari


The turbulent events before the start of the new F1 season also surprised Sky TV commentator Martin Brundle:

“I didn't expect to see a long-term contract extension so early, especially since nobody really knows what will happen in the year

. I would expect Verstappen to wait a few races and see how good a car the Red Bull will have. This makes Hamilton slightly less likely, but I still think it's not impossible for him to join Leclerc at Ferrari. “

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