Australia suffers from large forest fires that are extremely difficult to extinguish due to high temperatures and high winds. Many Australians have been forced to evacuate and relocate due to the fires, and the fires have claimed the lives of people as well as more than 500 millions of wildlife.

The disaster that hit Australia has also shaken up six-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton, with the British donating half a million dollars to volunteer and firefighting organizations.

Hamilton also invited all his fans and followers on his Twitter profile of good ample donations.

It breaks my heart to secure out about the devastation of Australian bushfires being inflicted on us and animals across the nation. Food pledging $ 500 good ample to pork up animals, flowers and fauna volunteers and rural fire services and products. For of us that might be in a plight to, and also you may have already then you definitely will be in a plight to donate too. pic.twitter.com/DXjScK5Oqq

– Lewis Hamilton (@LewisHamilton) January 9, 2020

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