After Charles Leclerc unexpectedly extended his contract with Ferrari at the end of the year 2024 before the end of the year, he was followed by Max Verstappen just after the New Year, which will be racing for at least four seasons for Red Bull. With the new contract, the Dutchman also secured a substantial increase in his salary, while also doing a great favor to Lewis Hamilton.

The six-time world champion is about to begin negotiating a new treaty, and while Hamilton has been openly flirting with Ferrari for some time, Mercedes is now without strong negotiating weapons.

In the case of Hamilton really going to Maranella, the most appropriate replacement would be Max Verstappen. Fearing that the Brackley team would lure the young Dutchman into their own ranks, Red Bull's management convinced Verstapp's services to be delivered early, which they had to open a wallet for in Milton Keynes.

Hamilton is thus in a position where he is not being replaced and will be negotiating with the two richest F1 teams. The British will thus be able to set an astronomical price, which they will eventually have to accept at Mercedes, otherwise it will be paid by Ferrari.

In any case, the highest-paid Formula One racer in the year 2020 is likely to sign a new highest contract in motorsport history, for which he can at least partially thank also to Red Bull and Max Verstappen.

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