Charles Leclerc is pleased to remember the remarkable victory in the Italian GP race, which made him feel part of Ferrari's history.

After missing the premiere victory in Bahrain after a Ferrari car crash at the start of the season 2019, Monacan finally made it to the top podium in the Spa Francorchamps race

Leclerc achieved his second victory a week later when he celebrated in front of an endless crowd of typhoons at Ferrari's Monza home race.

The young racer admitted that winning him at Monza was a very special experience that he will never forget:

“It is very, very difficult for me to find words to describe what I felt during that race,” Leclerc recalled.

“Both myself and the whole team were faced with a lot of pressure because we were in Italy where everyone wanted us to win.”

“We won the negate pole and in the race Lewis breathed for his collar. The pressure was really great, but the feelings of happiness at winning were indescribable. I immediately felt I had become part of Ferrari's history. “

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