(Motorsport-Whole.com) – With the official announcement of Roy Nissany as a test driver at Williams , the racing team has its driver squad for the Formula 1 season 2020 finalized. The agreement with the 25 year old Israeli stipulates that he will complete three training sessions. A rookie test day and a simulator program are also planned.

Roy Nissany


Roy Nissany secured a test driver role for 2020 at Williams Zoom Gather

The deal also brings Williams commercial benefits, because on those weekends that Nissany drives, will adorn the FW 43 the Israel Beginning-Up logo. The top-up of the finances was not the main reason for Nissany's commitment, deputy team principal Claire Williams emphasized at his launch.

She says his willingness to face up during the test in Abu Dhabi The team was impressed by the long-term development work rather than the lap times, as well as its way of interacting with the engineers. In Abu Dhabi, Nissany Ende 2019 drove his first laps for Williams.

Roy Nissany was able to score in Abu Dhabi

“We are a team that is getting up again, and we need drivers who have the ability to understand what's going on, “Williams explains. “There is no point in putting a driver in a car that you think is not doing a good job for you, especially when you are in the pickle we are in.”

As a result, only hire drivers who are able to understand what is happening in the car and who can help with development with their feedback. “Roy proved that when he took the Abu Dhabi test for etc. at the end of the year.” The fact that he is by far the slowest driver battle plays a minor role in this context.

Roy Nissany


In Abu Dhabi battle Nissany three seconds slower than his teammates Zoom Gather

” It was only about bringing parts to evaluation and not about putting the time lists in the imprint, “explains the team boss. “Some drivers who have never been in a Formula 1 car may get in and say, 'Great. This is my opportunity to show the world what I can do.' And then they build an accident. “

Claire Williams appreciates Nissany's ability to work in a team

Nissany's agenda was different from the start. “So the lap times from back then shouldn't matter and they don't matter. But what I saw and what I learned from our engineers is that he was incredibly hard-working battle.” Williams particularly praises his dealings with the team.

“He spent time with the team, battle present and spoke to the people. One should not underestimate how important it can be, especially in our inconvenience to have these drivers that all of our people are looking at and about whom they can say: 'Well, they are trying, furthermore I will also try' ', said Williams.

Nissany himself confirms that in Abu Dhabi he mainly focused on his job instead of chasing the headlines. The 25 year old admits: “Clearly every racing driver wants to see his name as high as possible on the display screen . ” But for starters, the priorities were different.

“That meant that I focused on every little bit of the task, every little task the team gave me, without additional thoughts.” Nissany explains in retrospect. “And without thinking about where I will be on the display screen. Because it has no meaning and the work was done well.”

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