(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Take the Circuit Park Zandvoort and tear off the last curve of the traditional course on the North Sea to replace it with a steep curve. Sounds like a crazy belief that will become reality in the Formula 1 season 2020. For this purpose, the curve should be driven with the DRS open, which should create overtaking opportunities before the first curve.

Bauarbeiten in Zandvoort

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Der Construction of the steep curve is in full swing Zoom Salvage

18 degrees is the slope of the steep curve that will be heard on the name Arie-Luyendyk-Corner , In comparison: The curves at Indianapolis Motor Speedway have a banking of just nine degrees. A good comparison is the Inaugurate target arch at Daytona World Speedway, which is also increased by 18 degrees and anyone who has walked this route knows how steep it is there.

Some engineers gave the initial spark to build the curve. They have used computer simulations to prove that Charlie Whiting's idea could work. Craig Wilson, who is responsible for the efficiency of the vehicles and the structure of the routes in Formula 1, worked tirelessly to find solutions for the route and ultimately decided on the steep curve project.

No better solution

“We used to have a look at the structure and realized that it will be difficult to overtake here” , the former Mercedes and Williams engineer told 'Motorsport-Entire.com'. “The straights are too short and the whole course has its limits due to the adjacent national park. The dunes are under protection, which is why we couldn't just make the straight longer.”

Zandvoort conversion: This is what the steep curve looks like!

In May 2020 Zandvoort will celebrate his Formula 1 comeback. Work is already being carried out diligently, especially the last curve. It will be steeper than Indy! More Formula 1 -Videos

Therefore were 14 to 15 Solutions worked out to change the last corners so that more speed is taken along the home straight. However, according to Wilson, none of the solutions satisfy. Then Whiting's idea came back on the table to build a steep curve in Zandvoort.

Wilson examined the solution and calculated the optimal banking so that the concept works. “I took two aspects into account, the stability of the cars and the loss of aerodynamics. It looks as if it could work. After that, we only asked when we could implement the idea in reality.”

More help on other routes?

Zandvoort conversion: A lap in the simulator

Dromo uses this simulation to show what Zandvoort will look like in the Formula 1 comeback 2020 ! More Formula 1 videos

The steep curve in Zandvoort should only be an example of the work by Wilson and the Formula 1 group that wants to help improve the layout of the tracks in the future. Wilson believes that Formula 1's calculations and simulations helped Circuit Park Zandvoort a lot, the implementation of the idea ultimately to get through.

However, Wilson dampens expectations of experiencing an overtaking festival in Zandvoort. He says, “It's still a track where it's difficult to overtake, but the modifications should make it easier.” The World Automobile Federation (FIA) has already confirmed that the DRS activation point will be before the steep curve.

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