(Motorsport-Total.com) – Former team boss David Richards has given Formula 1 in general and ex-series boss Bernie Ecclestone a bad testimony when marketing their own product. Instead of aggressively portraying the technological progress of the hybrid engines used since 2014, the ongoing criticism of this has hurt Formula 1.

David Richards

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David Richards wants more confidence from motorsport Zoom Download

“These are masterpieces of engineering, absolutely sensational,” said the former team boss from Benetton and BAR as part of the 'Motorsport Leaders Industry Forum' at the Autosport World Display conceal on hybrid drives. “But turned into as soon as does Bernie Ecclestone? It says: 'I don't like the sound, they're not great' and talks them badly.”

Ecclestone, who sold the majority of the Formula 1 to Liberty Media in the year 2016 managing director of the battle series, who had 2014 used hybrid turbo engines repeatedly criticized. Still 2015 he had hybrid as “biggest Instruct all times “ flagellated. Other high-ranking representatives from the paddock also had bad hair on the drives.

Formula 1 can be proud of hybrid drives

According to Richards, Formula 1 would have had every reason to be proud of this technology. “They didn't go ahead and said: look at, turned into as soon as we created, turned into as soon as for a great technique we have.”

Mercedes plans ahead with young engineers

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“Instead they punched each other and pulled the ground from under their feet. The battle so foolish, they have shot himself in the knee, “says the 67 year old, who is now President of the British Motorsport Association Motorsport UK is.

Richards also wishes for the whole apart from the engine discussion in Formula 1 Motorsport in the course of the current climate debate more self-confidence. “Today we quickly apologize for driving in circles, using rubber and burning fossil fuels,” he says.

Motorsport must remain a technical pioneer

“There are many advantageous aspects to this. We are launching an electric kart series in Great Britain and are investigating the use of sustainable fuels in various categories,” says Richards , But the sport is becoming less and less fulfilling its role as a laboratory for new vehicle technology.

“Motorsport battle was a technological engine for many years, but we fell into a trap and believe that we have to entertain, it works no longer about technology, “says Richards. “There we have to take the initiative again. We have to move forward and show that it can be turned into as soon as possible.”

If motorsport remembers it, Richards believes that it can give rise to the drive technology of the future , “Politicians tend to send simple messages and say: Electric is the answer, let us take electric cars to the streets. But that's pretty foolish,” he says.

“There are so many other technical options to research, and in the long run, I expect we'll end up with a completely new technology that is unlikely to be hydrogen. “

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