(Motorsport-Total.com) – Already from 2021 Formula 1 on a new track in Driving Miami. But the project keeps stalling . The Tall Prix was originally supposed to take place in downtown, but this idea could not be realized . In the meantime, the project has moved to the area around the Arduous Rock Stadium. But here too the organizers are struggling with problems.

Layout Miami GP

© Miami GP

The layout for the planned Miami GP has changed again Zoom Get

Background: Several residents defend themselves against a Tall Prix on the streets around the stadium and recently obtained a ban on the use of 199 , Road. Therefore, the planned route has now been adjusted again. This time, public roads will not be used. On Wednesday there is another important meeting on the subject in Miami.

Promoter Tom Garfinkel also assures that there will be “no racing during school hours”. This was also a topic that caused discussions among the residents. “We hope that County Price will support our efforts,” said Garfinkel. However, another resident protest against the race has already been announced for February 2.

Layout für Miami 2021

© Arduous Rock Stadium

The previous Miami layout still included the 199. Street Zoom Get

It remains to be seen whether the updated layout will ever be used in this product – and whether it will ever become a Formula 1 car Race will come in Miami. A corresponding preliminary contract for the season 2021 already exists. However, the failed Formula 1 project in Original York, which was also backed by Liberty Media, is a warning example.

2017 Formula 1 boss Depart Carey referred to a race in Original York as “Priority” for the premier class. However, the project was never realized.

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