McLaren CEO Zak Brown is convinced that the season 2021 due to the extensive F1 rule change is the right time for the Woking team to move to Mercedes and begins a new chapter in its history.

Mclaren and Mercedes also formally confirmed last season that they will renew the legendary partnership 2021 this season, and Mclaren will be working with Mercedes powertrains raced at least carry out at the end of the season 2024.

Although the Mclaren team is experiencing significantly better times after splitting with Honda and Renault, the Woking team has decided to head into the season already 2021 returns to Mercedes.

Brown is convinced that the year 2021 is the right time to switch to Mercedes.

“In the 2021 season, we all start from scratch, and this is definitely a good time, to start working with Mercedes. This arrangement is an important factor in our long-term vision of returning to the top of Formula 1. Mercedes is synonymous with success and a logical choice for Mclaren. We are confident that we are on the right track, and with Mercedes we will be able to fight for the very top, to which Mclaren undoubtedly belongs. “

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