(Motorsport-Total.com) – The Formula 1 season 2020 casts their shadows ahead. With Ferrari, the first team has announced an appointment for the presentation of the new racing car. In this continuously updated article we deliver until the originate of the winter test drives on 19. February 2020 the overview of all presentations and the new Formula 1 cars 2020.


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In February 2020 it says “Curtain up” for the new Formula 1 cars Zoom Download

Ferrari: The team of Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc was the first to announce the date for the launch of the new car. At the 11. February the successor of the SF 90 is presented . The name of the new Ferrari is not yet known. The presentation takes place at the Teatro Valli in Reggio Emilia. The Italian national flag has its origin there.

Mercedes: The silver arrows present their new racing car on Valentine's Day . At the 14 , The new Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas car was born in February. The name remains true to the previous series and is called W 11.

Red Bull: The presentation date and the name of the new Red Bull Honda have not yet been announced. If the team follows the previous system, the new Bolide RB 16 are called.

McLaren MCL 35: The British racing team will have its new MCL 35 on Thursday, 13. February, show to the public . Lando Norris “accidentally” revealed this in a Dwell video.

Renault: Renault puts the new car on 12. February in Paris before . If the team follows the previous system, the new Bolide R.S. 20 be called.

AlphaTauri: Toro Rosso will be in the Formula 1 season 2020 AlphaTauri. The team shows its new racing car on 14. February at 19 CET in Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria . How the car should be called is not yet known.

Racing Level: The new racing level Mercedes will be on 17. February in Mondsee in Austria, the location of main sponsor BWT. If the team follows the previous system, the new RP 20 means.

Alfa Romeo C 39: The Presentation date of the new Alfa Romeo Ferrari is the 19. February. On the first design of the first week of testing in Barcelona, ​​the new car will be at 8: 15 reveal clock. The name is already fixed with C 39.

Haas VF – 20: Also the US troops will on the first day of testing in Spain . Let's go to 8: 00 Clock. The name of the racing car has also been confirmed on Twitter. Unsurprisingly, it bears the title VF – 20.

Williams: The presentation date and the name of the new one Williams-Mercedes have not been announced yet. Continuing the previous system, the car will be called FW 43 .

Formula 1 presentations 2020 in the overview:

11. February: Ferrari (Reggio Emilia / Italy)

12. February: Renault (Paris / France)

13 , February: McLaren (Woking / Great Britain)

14. February: Mercedes (Silverstone / Great Britain)

14. February: AlphaTauri (Salzburg / Austria)

17. February: Racing Level (Mondsee / Austria)

19. February: Haas (Barcelona / Spain)

19. February: Alfa Romeo (Barcelona / Spain)

still open: Red Bull

still open: Williams

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