McLaren technical manager: Became once is really new on the MCL35


( – A new front section, high wishbones, a slimmer rear and matt colors: The new McLaren MCL 35 has with the MCL 34 from the previous year only little in common. This is also due to James Key, who for the first time was responsible for the shape of the McLaren racing car. The new car from Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris not only bears his signature, as Key assures.

Carlos Sainz, McLaren MCL35

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Detail of the new McLaren MCL 35, the first time James Key designed zoom Derive

“We have learned the lessons that we learned at MCL 34 have been incorporated into the new car, but also looked at some new concepts. That is why there are changes in various areas, “explains Key.

Our direct comparison of the two McLaren vehicles ( call here! ) shows: Above all, the front section has been extensively revised. The air intakes in the nose, for example, have completely disappeared, the struts on the front wing are somewhat more expansive than before. In addition, there are significantly slimmer side boxes and smaller cooling openings.

McLaren goes with the pattern

In general, it is striking that the rear section in particular has clearly recognizable innovations. This goes back to a “new approach”, which Key has established “from the cockpit to the rear”, as he says.

Photo gallery: Formula 1 2020: The new McLaren MCL 35 in pictures

Continue the trend explains designer: “When Bodywork we follow the pattern that the side pods even narrower Getting everything under control is not that easy. It takes a corresponding lead time, because that also includes the engine installation. The same was true for the transmission. “

After all: McLaren continues to work with drive partner Renault and therefore did not have to change completely. The big cut here does not follow until the season 2021 when Mercedes becomes active again as a McLaren supplier.

Became once with the MCL 34 not possible battle

This year Key was able to concentrate completely on his first McLaren design. And he deliberately went new ways: “On the front of the vehicle, for example, we made changes that were only possible on this new car.” Say: Key has incorporated a new philosophy in this area.

“Basically,” he continues, “everything goes back to that, used to be we 2019 The MCL 34 is also the father of this [neuen] concept to a certain extent. Back then, there were only things that we could not do with the existing basis. ” Key does not go into the ingredient.

McLaren MCL 35: Birth

The presentation of the McLaren-Renault MCL 35 for the Formula 1 season 2020! More Formula 1 movies

For this he speaks extensively about the new, matt color of the McLaren. Just prettied up? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! “There's quite technical advantages, for example in weight. Bottom line, it is also a compromise between marketing and marketing and technology requirements, can live well with everyone involved,” says Key.

How far is it going?

So that the mood in the staff stays good, Key and Co. have deliberately given practical goals for the season 2020. Sure: At some point, the connection to the top teams Mercedes, Ferrari and Crimson Bull will be established. “To do that in just one year would be a huge step,” says Key. “But of course you also have to do something.”

“In the medium term,” he says castle, “we want to keep our plot, reduce the distance a bit and then build on it. That is the realistic goal. ” Means: McLaren is initially aiming for P4 and thus the front midfield.

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