Renault & McLaren: Racing Level a “worrying” development


( – Resentment spreads in the midfield. Renault and McLaren doubt the tactics of Racing Level and are “a little worried” about the striking similarity of the RP 20 with the Mercedes W 10 from the previous year. The “pink” racer has been in focus since the first week of testing, the car is surprisingly fast and strongly reminiscent of the world champion car of the previous year.

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Renault and McLaren show Racing Level the yellow card Zoom Compile

Racing Level itself repeatedly repeats that you have not broken any rules and only borrowed the Mercedes based on photographs , After all, this is not forbidden . Nevertheless, the competition in the midfield is unsettled, especially those teams that are proud of their independence.

This includes the French works team Renault. “I think this is a somewhat worrying development for the sport,” Renault director Marcin Budkowski comments to ''.

The style towards a copy of a top car could have been persecuted for several years. Haas also received a lot of criticism for this when, from 2016, a close partnership with Ferrari went down. The RP 20 now marks “a new chapter”, says Budkowski.

“It will be up to the FIA ​​to decide whether it is fully compliant or not.” McLaren, another midfield team with strong independence, also supports the perspective of the factory team. Technical manager James Key has to agree with Budkowski.

“Of course we look at our competitors and it is pretty clear what happened as soon as there with some similarities. But we put our priority on us himself, “emphasizes Key, who previously worked for Toro Rosso battle, which works closely with Red Bull.

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The regulations of the premier class clearly stipulate what as soon as may be taken over by other teams and what as soon as not . With the introduction of the regulations 2021 the declaration changes, five component types will be distinguished in the future.

Budkowski is nevertheless not convinced that this measure will prevent the teams from forging alliances with the top 3. “The rules have changed a bit regarding the parts that can be transferred or what as soon as teams are allowed to share in intellectual property.”

However, the topic will not be “complete” to change. “This is because teams share the wind tunnel. It is going in the right direction, but everything cannot be prevented.”

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