“I swear it”: Esteban Ocon knew nothing about Mercedes' DAS blueprint


(Motorsport-Total.com) – “Believe it or not: I didn't know anything about it. I swear it,” says Esteban Ocon. He would have been predestined to be involved in the development of the two-axis steering (DAS) from Mercedes from the beginning. But because Ocon Ende 2019 stopped working as a Mercedes test driver and switched to Renault, it didn't happen.

Esteban Ocon


Esteban Ocon struggle Mercedes test driver, but he still didn't know THAT Zoom Procure

His ex-workforce Mercedes was “very, was very clever, “says Ocon at 'Canal +'. “I was denied the effect of the program or they came up with the idea very late and developed it when I struggled away.”

So he could only Make assumptions about when exactly Mercedes had the idea and started implementing it. “After the end of the season [2019] I was no longer allowed to go to the factory and therefore not to the simulator. I think [DAS] was created towards the end of the year.”

Because the use of DAS in the cockpit requires that the driver pulls the steering wheel and pushes it away to activate and deactivate the blueprint, a test in advance is obvious in the simulator, as Ocon goes on to explain.

Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas would have “undoubtedly” practiced virtually before they were allowed to start racing with DAS in the Formula 1 winter tests in Barcelona. “In the simulator, all parts are first test-driven,” says Ocon. “Only then do they get on the car.”

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