– Unanimous make stronger from all teams and manufacturers for price saving measures to advertise long-time frame financial balance for championship amid world coronavirus pandemic

– FIA, Intention E, and all teams and manufacturers collectively conform to delay the open of the Gen2 EVO vehicle till the 2021/22 ABB FIA Intention E World Championship

– Changes to the technical regulations will slash back vogue prices over the following two seasons in half with manufacturers minute to a single vehicle homologation

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FIA and Intention E own this day confirmed that the championship will lower the financial burden on its teams amid the realm properly being crisis by decreasing vogue prices.

As section of the plans to lower prices, the FIA, Intention E, the teams and manufacturers unanimously agreed to construct off the open of the Gen2 EVO vehicle till the 2021/22 ABB FIA Intention E Championship.

Following an e-vote, the FIA World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) ratified the resolution to elongate the homologation interval, with manufacturers handiest in a discipline to alter powertrain parts as soon as over the following two seasons.

Teams can both introduce a brand recent vehicle in season seven, for a two-year cycle, or proceed to make use of present expertise for the following season sooner than homologating a brand recent vehicle the year after for a single season.

After dialogue with manufacturers, the changes to the technical regulations were made with the long-time frame financial balance of championship participants in mind.

The FIA and Intention E own taken a flexible and collaborative ability to decreasing spending, which is ready to take into yarn vehicle vogue prices slash back by half over the following two seasons.

In addition to supporting their instantaneous communities, FIA and Intention E are committed to discovering more programs to warfare the realm properly being crisis and serve others tormented by the spread of coronavirus.


FIA President Jean Todt said

“In these spirited times, adapting the price buildings in motorsport is a priority to make certain its sustainability. I impressed the decisions referring to FIA Intention E Championship well-liked by the World Motor Sport Council in this regard, that are in preserving with the discussions presently underway for the pretty a pair of FIA disciplines.”

Founder & Chairman of Intention E Alejandro Agag said

“All via these spirited times, we now own taken a flexible ability. Not handiest with the fleet and vivid resolution to love a flash suspend the season, but now by imposing price measures to lower vogue prices for the teams. We listened to feedback from the teams and manufacturers and labored intently with the FIA to place at bay the open of the Gen2 EVO and restrict teams to a single homologation over the following two years. By doing so we now own slash back the projected vehicle vogue prices in half. This was as soon as a compulsory toddle to rating to salvage prices, given the properly being crisis and economic atmosphere.”

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