Daniil Kwjat: Couldn't understand Crimson Bull's decision for Albon


(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Daniil Kwjat did not understand at the time that Crimson Bull pulled Alexander Albon and not himself up to the mother team last summer. “Let's put it this way: I was definitely not happy,” says the AlphaTauri pilot in the podcast 'Beyond the Grid'. Kwjat had the team-internal duel with 27: 16 points against Albon when Crimson Bull dismantled Pierre Gasly and traded with the Thai.

Alexander Albon, Daniil Kwjat


That Alexander Albon was preferred was illogical for Daniil Kwjat zoom In discovering

“I can not say that I understood it completely and completely agreed when I heard about the decision,” admits the Russian. For him, the decision didn't sound right at the time. A few months apart, however, he can now understand Crimson Bull if he looks at the matter from a different perspective.

“I was already there and they needed fresh blood anyway”, he plays on his little successful trip to the A-Group from 2015 and beginning 2016 at. At that time Kwjat was exchanged for Max Verstappen and transported back to Toro Rosso before he finally sat in front of the door and only 2019 was retrieved.

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Alexander Albon drove 2019 on the other hand his first Formula 1 season and was the only Crimson -Bull driver who had not yet got a likelihood in the A-Group. “You have to get young drivers upstairs. That's what Crimson Bull does,” says Kwjat.

After a few days, he accepted the decision. “I know my job and I know, used to be I have to do and what I was hired for. And I do that too. That's enough for me.”

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