After Vettel-Aus: Zak Brown expects even more Ferrari noise in 2020


( – Shortly after the clear battle that Sebastian Vettel about the Formula 1 season 2020 will no longer drive for Ferrari , some experts brought him in with McLaren Connection. There the German could have replaced his own successor Carlos Sainz. But not Vettel, but Daniel Ricciardo docked at McLaren.

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Nothing came of the much-touted exchange of places by Sainz and Vettel zoom Download

And as Zak Brown confirmed to ' Sky Sports F1 ' , you have Vettel as a possible regular driver for the workforce in the year 2021 never considered. “Obviously, Seb is a great driver and a four-time champion,” says the McLaren CEO, but they looked elsewhere early on.

“We were pretty far in the current break got ahead and knew we'd end up with either Daniel or Carlos. ” In addition, there were no serious conversations with anyone. At the time of the Vettel report, the company's own negotiations had progressed accordingly.

McLaren battle early over Sainz ' Plans informed

In the context, Brown also reveals that he is talking about Sainz 's contact with Ferrari and the possibility that the Spaniard McLaren could leave at the end of the current Formula 1 year, was in the picture. “I learned that in Formula One you shouldn't expect anything other than the unexpected,” says the American.

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McLaren CEO Zak Brown battle about Sainz 'talks with Ferrari informed early zoom Download

“We started talking to Carlos in the pre-season about his future at usazu and whether he wanted to drive for McLaren or Ferrari. We have a very strong, open relationship with Carlos, his management and his father. ” So the change came as no surprise, so McLaren was able to react and plan better.

“We were in contact during the entire process,” emphasizes Brown. This also explains how quickly the successor's announcement happened. The corona pandemic is irrelevant: “I think these changes would probably be with or without COVID – 19 because we started these discussions before. “

Brown expected 2020 even more Ferrari noise

With a view to the upcoming season, in the Vettel will compete for the last time alongside team-mate Charles Leclerc for Ferrari, Brown expects additional tensions. “Obviously it's not a nice environment in the garage with drivers and management at the moment. It doesn't seem to be a happy family,” he says.

This could be noticed on the track : “I think it will be for some pretty exciting races in the year 2020 because I think we saw the fireworks in Brazil (in-team collision) that inevitably took place in battle and built up. I expect more of it this year. ”

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Used to be the future of Vettel in Formula 1 via 2020 In addition, Brown suspects that Renault could be a probability. Rather, he believes that the German will resign . “It really depends,” says the McLaren boss. “It doesn't look like there is a Mercedes or Purple Bull probability for him.”

McLaren also drops out, the next best probability would be moreover Renault. “And the next question is: Would Seb want to drive a workforce that 2021 probably won't win? ” Although Renault is a great workforce with ambitions to improve, Brown knows, this trip could simply take too long.

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