1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

3 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Crimson Bull Racing)


(Performed by Johnny Herbert) 


Q: Valtteri, how frustrating became that. That became so finish, I maintain it became seven hundredths of a second. You tried your most fine eh?

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, I knew it became going to be finish with Lewis as always and within the discontinuance in his first inch the lap became in level of truth fine and vivid, especially in sector three. All day this day I’ve been (inaudible) in sector three, so it became improving and better, but level-headed no longer slightly appropriate enough. Obviously it’s demanding but he did a appropriate job and as workforce but again, first row.


Q: For the championship, you’re level-headed in it. You’ve level-headed bought a gigantic gamble being on that entrance row. Comprise you assume you’ve bought the automobile to beat Lewis the following day?

VB: I maintain the initiate could possibly possibly be the final phrase alternative for me. Again, on Friday my prolonged runs had been aggressive. I will have the tempo but level-headed the initiate could possibly possibly be the final phrase likelihood.


Q: Is it slightly merely that it’s a long way necessary to assemble into Flip 1 first or is there more to it?

VB: I’ll try to assemble there first. Belief me.


Q: Lewis, 92nd pole, your fifth in Barcelona. How complicated became that session? For the reason that temperatures are so high, one thing that you guys are no longer outdated to at all.

Lewis HAMILTON: I mean it’s summer man! Nonetheless it indubitably’s the truth is the main time I’ve been in Barcelona when it’s this sizzling. It’s complicated. It’s so like a flash round right here. It’s the quickest we’ve ever been round right here. The forces thru your body are ravishing intense. The tyres are what we’re in level of truth combating. You look us crawling round on the out lap, it’s lawful to build up temperature out of the tyres. Nonetheless even with those form of laps you level-headed have temperatures rising. That’s what we’re attempting to withhold an eye on on the laps. I couldn’t jog sooner on my second lap. I assumed I can even but it indubitably lawful wasn’t a gigantic lap. The first one became decent I bet, which did the job fortuitously. These guys enact such an sizable job. We’re always studying. I became right here with the fellows until 10pm, lawful taking a uncover over your total details, how we can enhance and what are the areas, particularly for the inch, that we can also gather greater, because these Crimson Bulls are vivid like a flash.


Q: Give us an thought of how complicated it’s a long way to drive round this circuit in these sizzling stipulations. What are your problems – is it understeer or oversteer?

LH: The problems are all physical. The amount that you’re prepared to brake now, the amount it’s a long way necessary to follow to the brake is even heavier earlier than, so there might possibly be a form of stress thru your core. You’re flat out thru three and thru 9, so there might possibly be a form of stress in your neck and all of your body lawful needs to transfer to the aspect of the automobile. As it’s so sizzling which which you can possibly additionally objective level-headed be even more careful on the throttle to no longer overheat the tyres. Balance-realistic it’s slightly windy, in case you uncover on the flags. We have gotten a headwind into Flip 1 so it’s ravishing appropriate into Flip 1 but then in Flip 4 which which you can possibly additionally have a tailwind, Flip 9 which which you can possibly additionally have a tailwind, 10 which which you can possibly additionally have a tailwind, so there are corners the place apart you realize which which you can possibly additionally push and some that which which you can possibly additionally’t and you  are level-headed attempting to gain that limit and that’s when the automobile snaps away. Nonetheless that’s what we all enact and I the truth is have an full quantity of admire for your total guys right here who are combating the linked points as myself.


Q: Briefly about the following day. Beginning on pole predicament, the final phrase predicament but you’ve bought Valtteri who became so finish to you in qualifying and Max is there to boot?

LH: Yeah, it’s this form of prolonged manner down to Flip 1 right here, so the job is no longer performed that’s for obvious. It’s very laborious to follow right here. Positioning is appropriate but this could possibly be laborious to build up pole predicament, but that’s what I’ve bought to work on and capture a uncover at to assemble the final phrase out of it I will.


Q: Max, I philosophize that became what you had been looking out ahead to to happen this day. Had been you overjoyed with the performance?

MV: Yeah, I mean that’s the most we can enact on the moment. The total weekend we now have gotten been P3 so yeah, ravishing overjoyed with that. I lawful hope we can also objective moreover be moderately closer within the inch. The previous day within the prolonged runs it didn’t appear to sinful but with out a doubt the following day is a sure day so we’ll must think.


Q: You had some appropriate prolonged runs, enact you seek data from it to design your manner the following day? Comprise you seek data from to arena the Mercedes?

MV: Advanced to narrate on the moment. I felt overjoyed within the automobile. I lawful hope that I will follow moderately of strain. I do know that it’s a long way extraordinarily laborious to overtake round right here, but we’re going to enact the total lot we can to be finish to them and top try to make moderately complicated.




Q: Lewis, thrilling session. You had been quickest in all three classes of qualifying, how overjoyed are you with pole number 92?

LH: It’s the truth is been a appropriate Saturday. I’m smiling below this. Nonetheless it indubitably had been a terribly full arena this weekend for us all – the physical requires of this tune, being that we’re sooner than ever earlier than, but more so lawful managing these tyres within the temperatures. It’s very, particularly heat available and as which which you can possibly additionally look diversified folk had been attempting diversified issues on out laps. Also there might possibly be always moderately of a gust within the afternoon always right here in Barcelona, so it makes for slightly a complex session but overnight improved forwards rather than backwards, which is always a appropriate component. Each and every first lap became actual, which I became overjoyed with. The one in Q3 became actual, but I felt cherish I can even enhance, but I wasn’t ready to enact it on the second lap. Fortunately neither did the real dude subsequent to me. He’s conserving me upright and it’s obviously very finish between us and so every millisecond counts. I’m in level of truth lawful extremely grateful to the fellows for continuing to push. It’s difficult to enact weekend in, weekend out. I’m always impressed by the delivery-mindedness and the issues we’re doing. Nonetheless the following day is going to be complicated after we gather to the inch. The realm is diversified. Over a single lap we appear to have the brink over the Crimson Bulls but this weekend we seem like ravishing mighty on par on inch tempo, so it’s going to be a complex battle with Max the following day.


Q: Lewis, you’ve told us many situations that you’re no longer motivated by stats, but that is your 150th entrance-row initiate in F1. What does that mean?

LH: Wow! I don’t know in level of truth what to narrate excluding for… Observe, we’re those who gather to sit down down right here and entrance all this unparalleled effort from so many folk and I the truth is had been in level of truth, in level of truth fortunate over the years, even support to my McLaren days, to work with extremely vivid and pushed folk which have helped me sit in this room. So I am extremely grateful to folk which have helped. And blown away, level-headed to in this level in time, by the determination to transfer to this workforce and look the growth that we now have gotten had. I don’t’ think we now have gotten plateaued on the tip with the championships we now have gotten, we always gather greater every 365 days, as folk look. I’ve been pronouncing for a in level of truth prolonged time that I am a chink within the chain, with out realising that chink is no longer the truth is a appropriate component. I’m lawful one other hyperlink within the full chain of so many folk and I lawful try to play my allotment as most fine I will.


Q: Let’s blueprint to you now Valtteri, so like a flash in that qualifying session, quickest, the truth is, in Sectors One and Two – but you weren’t ready to take pole. Are you moderately bit aggravated?

VB: Well, for obvious, you realize I became attempting to assemble the pole and it became always going to be ravishing finish, I maintain between me and Lewis as a minimum, and I knew it became going to be about milliseconds within the discontinuance. Sector 1 and a pair of began to feel ravishing appropriate, so I maintain by Sector 3… I the truth is must narrate since this morning Sector 3 became moderately of a problematic Flip 10, Flip 12 became moderately of an pain for me in phrases of balance and discovering the final phrase manner round it, because each day right here, with the wind, with the tune temperatures diversified but it indubitably became improving and better within the qualifying – lawful no longer slightly appropriate enough. I maintain Lewis became ravishing constant in Sector 3 and he managed to assemble a appropriate lap in Q3. So yeah, he did a closer job this day. Obviously, it’s demanding for me but I the truth is must uncover on the full inform. Aloof beginning on the entrance row, in level of truth actual workforce performance, which always I’m in level of truth pleased with. And level-headed, there’s your total alternatives for the following day.


Q: How mighty slippier, when compared with in style is that this tune, in these tune temperatures, off-line? Because you’re beginning on the internal the following day. It’s going to be a poke inch down to Flip 1. Comprise you assume it’s going to be complicated to make a appropriate initiate from P2.

VB: I’ve no longer got any concept, to be upright, how the tune stipulations is left and lawful. In general we gather all that data within the reports. The workforce will analyse that. For now, I don’t know. I hope this could possibly be appropriate enough grip to take the lead.


Q: Max, congratulations, your first top three initiate right here in Barcelona. Became once it a vivid session for you?

MV: Yeah. I mean it appears to be like cherish I the truth is have a subscription on P3. I maintain I’ve been P3 the general weekend. It became alright. I tried with out a doubt, to be as finish as doable. Also, ravishing overjoyed with my lap. I maintain we extracted the most out of the automobile. We are in a position to’t bitch in level of truth. I maintain the automobile became ravishing aggressive. Obviously there are level-headed areas the place apart we can enact a closer job – but we’re the truth is bettering the automobile, which is appropriate.


Q: And have you rating the automobile below you to beat the fellows subsequent to you the following day within the inch?

MV: Well, I felt very overjoyed within the prolonged inch the day prior to this, with the balance of the automobile and the wear of the tyres to boot. Nonetheless yeah, the following day but again, is a recent day and we’ll must capture a uncover at and indicate it but again. Obviously, I hope that I can even objective moreover be finish to them and put the strain on.



Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Inquire of of to Max. You and Crimson Bull have made a fine behavior of going on a contrary approach in Q2. Obviously no one did that this time round. Might well also you lawful indicate why you didn’t jog that manner this time?

MV: In most cases because I maintain the tender tyre is appropriate enough to initiate the inch on. In general the softest compound in all fairness more complicated because it falls apart slightly like a flash. I maintain it’s alright on the tune right here.


Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Inquire of of for Max. You talked about in Q1 that the automobile feels moderately odd. What became the region off of that and the commerce afterwards?

MV: I don’t know. I went thru Flip 2 and I can even look the left-entrance wheel coming up – which became very odd – but it indubitably didn’t happen afterwards. They checked the total lot, and the total lot became vivid, so I truthfully don’t know what felt so odd. It became slightly gusty available to boot. Bit odd  but fortunately it didn’t design support.


Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) Inquire of of to all three but taking off with Max. Max, you twice referenced the tyres in your previous solutions. Pirelli had talked about, coming into this weekend that this could possibly be one of the hardest weekends for tyres and, aware of what happened at Silverstone, what are you guys looking out ahead to all the blueprint thru the inch? Would or no longer it’s anywhere attain what Pirelli have possibly predicted?

MV: I maintain, to begin with, since the recent tarmac is on this tune, I maintain it’s moderately greater on tyres. Seems cherish moderately more rear grip. So, I bet that helps. And, with out a doubt, the energy within the tyres is no longer as high as in Silverstone. So, for obvious, that helps to build up the tyres moderately more below withhold an eye on – but that final sector, there’s so many tight corners, you level-headed must, with out a doubt, region up them.


LH: We seek data from these guys to be, possibly moderately bit greater I could possibly possibly imagine. It’s the truth is no longer going to be easy for us. I don’t think we’ll have the linked problems we had final week – but obviously we’ll gain out after we gather within the inch. We’ve bought those sizzling stipulations but we now have gotten a more difficult compound, so fingers crossed that helps. I wouldn’t put it previous us having problems the following day but we’ll look.


VB: I maintain we’re looking out ahead to much less points than final weekend, lawful since it’s a sure form of tune and to this level we’ve seen no points with blistering or issues cherish what happened at Silverstone. I maintain it’s going to be complicated. Here always if it’s sizzling it’s lawful always about the overheating, especially the tyre surface overheating and attempting to withhold an eye on that. And yes, we’ve seen Crimson Bull is ravishing actual when it’s heat, and when it’s all about tyre administration. Hopefully greater that Silverstone.


Q: (Ben Hunt – The Solar) Inquire of of to Lewis and Valtteri. Toto the day prior to this spoke about his future on the workforce. It became no longer ceaselessly a shower-thumping ‘he’s going to build’. He’s weighing up his concepts. I lawful wanted to gauge your emotions. Will you be overjoyed to stamp a recent contract with Mercedes shimmering that he’s no longer right here? Valtteri, does that commerce your taking into consideration? Will you cross over Toto if he wasn’t allotment of the workforce? And if I can even objective, a seek data from to Max to boot, which is, is it lawful a case of placing the strain on the Mercedes, or it the following day lawful attempting to assemble a consequence.

LH: What you’ve bought to undergo in mind is that it’s a workforce of so many folk. There’s almost 2,000 folk within the workforce, or one thing cherish that. It’s no longer lawful down to at least one person, one person. So yes, that’s no longer determining whether or no longer I build. I maintain what we’ve constructed… I’ve been a allotment of rising with this workforce and rising with that development. The strength is there thru and thru, so, as I talked about, it’s no longer lawful one person. I maintain all people has to enact what’s most fine for them. What’s most fine for his or her profession and happiness on the discontinuance of the day. I maintain it’s orderly for him. I maintain all people must sit, capture a moment and take be aware of what they must enact intelligent forwards. Whether or no longer it suits them and their households and their future needs. We’ve performed so mighty already together in this timeframe. I hope he stays since it’s relaxing working with him, and it’s relaxing negotiating with him and relaxing having the up and downs. So, I’m the truth is grateful to Toto and I’ll be completely supportive in no subject he decides to enact.


VB: I maintain Toto has been a terribly major allotment of the workforce and being a full allotment of helping the workforce to assemble to the pronounce the place apart it’s a long way now but lawful cherish Lewis talked about, it’s no longer all about one person, we’re a full workforce, there are so many major personnel within the workforce and all people needs so that you must work together so I in level of truth agree that no subject he does, I lawful hope he makes a determination what he in level of truth needs to enact and it makes him overjoyed. That’s it, that’s what existence’s all about: ultimate enact issues that make you overjoyed, follow your needs. Nonetheless with out a doubt, it could possibly possibly be a shame to think him jog. I’ve no longer got any concept, to be upright, what’s going on within the background. I’m lawful specializing in riding and yes, I could possibly possibly the truth is stamp with the workforce even supposing Toto wasn’t right here because, as Lewis talked about, it’s no longer about one person but (he’s a) major man.


Q: Max, coming to you, taking a uncover on the inch the following day, is it lawful a case of placing strain on Mercedes?

MV: Well, I mean, I lawful withhold riding on the support of them. On a distance, it’s no longer going to happen so yeah, if I the truth is have that alternative, with out a doubt, to be finish then you definately can also objective level-headed be there, it’s a long way necessary to push it but let’s lawful wait and look the following day. The previous day I felt appropriate, let’s hope it’s going to be the linked the following day after which I hope that we lawful have an involving inch on the discontinuance of the day.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Flee) Inquire of of to all three, a dinky bit leftfield but it indubitably became a moderately easy qualifying session. All three of you are in a arena on the moment the place apart the 2 Mercedes drivers have ravishing mighty every diversified to focal level on in qualifying and Max, as you’ve talked about, you’ve bought a subscription to P3. In The Final Dance, the documentary about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, Jordan talks about making up dinky animosities in his mind and issues cherish that, experiences strains, to motivate himself when he needs to capture himself to a recent stage. How enact you guys motivate yourselves to jog to the recent stage and on the moment, when issues are slightly easy in qualifying, enact you ever employ any concepts cherish that?

LH: Me first… I don’t think I’ve needed to… I mean Valtteri is on my tail and pushing issues to the limit and is exceptionally like a flash so I don’t in level of truth must gain recent motivation. Every 365 days, with out a doubt, it’s a long way necessary to re-focal level and establish out what’s going to be your motivating component but yeah, that’s Michael, what works for Michael gained’t work for me. Every person possibly has a sure manner of coming into into the zone, discovering that braveness to jog the place apart others possibly gained’t.


Q: How have your preparations for qualifying modified over the final 14 years?

LH: Jeez, I don’t even undergo in mind but it indubitably’s the truth is… I mean, I’m loads older now so the issues I do know now I didn’t know support after I became 22/23. I naturally had raw skill support then but I had no withhold an eye on and dealing out of who I in level of truth became and what made me tick, what became appropriate to enact, what became no longer appropriate to enact and so a full diversified machine to this day, I could possibly possibly teach. And that’s possibly why you look… my consistency became ravishing appropriate in that first 365 days but I could possibly possibly teach that my consistency has the truth is bought greater over these final 5 or six years, possibly. I maintain that’s possibly been my ultimate strength.

VB: For me I gain the motivation is the aim that I the truth is have in my profession and that dream and purpose that I region to myself as a young kid so as that offers me motivation, that retains me pushing myself for more and yeah, when there’s complicated situations within the discontinuance, there’s always that linked motive that gets me to come up and transfer and capture a uncover at to enact issues greater. That’s producing it for me.

MV: Yeah, I maintain cherish Lewis talked about, every person is diversified within the discontinuance of it. You scrutinize diversified ways of preparing yourself or the blueprint you behave, the blueprint you fabricate, so yeah, for me it’s… from a in level of truth young age I always had somebody round me, cherish my Dad, pushing me laborious because with out a doubt in case you’re moderately kid to delivery with place apart there’s loads to be taught and I the truth is learned that, the motivation, always attempting to fabricate, always attempting to assemble the final phrase out yourself and gather the final phrase out of yourself is by never finish studying, never think that it’s appropriate enough. While you raise races, in case you capture pole positions, no subject, there are always stuff which which you can possibly additionally enhance, there are always dinky details. In F1 it’s never full issues, it’s marginal issues but which which you can possibly additionally always enhance so as that’s what I lawful try to gain at, even supposing assuredly it’s no longer appropriate on my appreciate, P3 no subject, I will your total time, I maintain there might possibly be always room for that enchancment so as that’s lawful how I withhold myself pushing forward and with out a doubt try to finish that hole to the fellows ahead.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) Inquire of of to the 2 Mercedes drivers please: what became the motive you didn’t enhance in your closing laps in Q3? Became once there a cramped commerce within the stipulations or one thing on the tune, because Lewis, in explicit, you talked about originally of this you felt that your first inch in Q3 became actual but you felt that which which you can possibly additionally enhance but you didn’t, so yeah, why became that?

VB: I don’t think stipulations in level of truth modified, as a minimum it felt cherish they didn’t in level of truth enhance for the second inch. I assumed I became going to enhance because after I crossed the street I became one tenth up from my previous time but then obviously it went to zero so possibly I lawful bought moderately more distance, that’s how the time delta works. I don’t know, I assumed it became moderately greater on the second inch, but it indubitably lawful wasn’t. I don’t think the tune in level of truth modified.

LH: I’m no longer in level of truth obvious. There is tune ramp after which the tune temperature can vary and the wind can vary. Yeah, the main lap felt OK but then in some areas internal the limit and so I knew that there had been some areas the place apart I can even enhance after which after I lawful went on the subsequent one; the tyres lawful didn’t feel the linked and the grip wasn’t the linked for me so it became lawful general a terribly miserable second lap, but I saved going but it indubitably became nowhere attain as appropriate as the main one.



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