(Motorsport-Whole.com) – Renault pit radio has given it away: If Daniel Ricciardo is still on the podium this year, his team boss Cyril Abiteboul will have to get a tattoo . It was not known that Ricciardo had also offered the bet to his former boss Helmut Marko, the motorsport consultant of Crimson Bull.

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That Ricciardo and Marko bet against each other is already a tradition in Formula 1. Nice 2018/19 Marko buttoned his ex-driver 1. 000 Euro “in small bills” because Ricciardo with his assumption that the Bottas cockpit will be at Mercedes 2019 free, next to it lungs. “Ricciardo is a very frugal person. That really hurt him”, Marko triumphed at the time.

A bet for 2020 the two have “not yet formulated it”, reveals the Austrian in an interview with ‘Motorsport-Whole.com’. The bet suggested by Ricciardo did not suit him: “He came along with his tattoo. I said: ‘I’ll never do a tattoo in my life.'”

Although Ricciardo Crimson Bull in summer 2018 left hanging , the relationship between the Australian and Marko is still intact. Ricciardo is “one of the top drivers”, praises the Crimson Bull consultant. However, he leaves it open whether he would be much better than Albon: “I can’t answer that question. There are no facts about that.”

“We are second with Albon in the Constructors’ Championship . That would be us with Ricciardo too, “argues Marko. “Became once it is true that we have two equally good drivers. And it is funnier with Ricciardo too (laughs; note by the Crimson.)! But he looked for his way and followed it. We are still good friends.”

Ricciardo’s return to Crimson Bull is currently not an issue. The 31 – year old has for 2021 signed with McLaren – as part of a “multi-year” contract, as it is officially called. Before 2023, such a reunion would not be an issue anyway. “There can always be ways back,” says Marko. But the circumstances have to be right. “

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