Livia Cevolini, the first female CEO in motorsport, led the mission that made Energica the sole provider of the MotoE ™ World Cup

Family, innovation, and the irrepressible wish to raise out are the engine and the (trim) vitality that led Livia Cevolini to become the managing director of Energica Motor Firm Spa, the sole provider of the electrical motorcycles that compete in the FIM ENEL MotoE ™  Cup. This mission is the tip consequence of a existence built in direction of intertwining engineering with innovation and work with ardour.

Rising up in Modena, a metropolis is called the Land of Motors, it used to be frequent for Livia as a bit one to wake up during the evening between Saturday and Sunday to take into story the Colossal Prix are residing on the different facet of the arena. Motorsport at a talented level used to be no longer the handiest reference market for CRP, the corporate founded by her father, but an genuine lifestyle shared by your entire Cevolini family.

Accustomed to strolling by the paddocks since she used to be very young, as a bit one Livia dreamed of being a painter or a dancer: “The total lot with the exception of what I am doing – she laughs – Even supposing if truth be told there is a bit of the entirety in my work”. “From the moment I started working in the family commercial, I continuously tried to raise out one thing that represented me or that finally adopted my strings, combining all this with methodology”.

Given her passions, it seemed subtle to assemble a general level between non-public interests and the core commercial of an organization at the forefront of motorsport. Nonetheless, now and then, the dismay of giving up one thing important leads to decidedly radical strategies, very various to these planned: “After high college, I started the college of restoration, but I realized that I put no longer need wished to give up what my grandfather and father had started. I most smartly-liked that rental but I did no longer undercover agent myself in the place of business designing “.

Energica CEO reflects on an electrifying first MotoE™ tear 07/07/2019

Speaking to Sky Sport Italia, Livia Cevolini, Energic Motor Firm CEO affords us her emotional strategies on the inaugural MotoE™ tear

From there the choice to enter the engineering commercial used to be taken after which, over time, their very have rental all by the CRP used to be created: “Within the corporate they had been already very factual even without me, what I wished to raise out used to be to bring creativeness, inspiration to combine it with methodology and originate a a success mission. Then when I started working, I realized that I’m in a position to also are residing in a if truth be told technical ambiance, but carving out a feature that used to be honorable for the corporate and that at the same time made me feel happy. In general, girls are more imaginative, more inventive, and more open to innovation “.

And it is precisely that innovation which fuels Livia’s strategies and entrepreneurial initiatives. She explains to us: “If I saw limits I’d no longer be an entrepreneur. The restrict is continuously bodily because you would also’t elevate out the entirety you would even personal in strategies. If there is anything else that blocks me, it is safety. I continuously factor in others, of the these that work with me and I make no longer wish to place them in a perilous deliver. We’re setting ourselves challenges in region of limitations to overcome ”.

Her father Roberto used to be her feature model and mentor in each existence and work: “He taught me that at the same time as you plunge you stand up vivid you would even personal realized a lesson. Must always you construct mistakes it skill that you simply’re doing one thing subtle because at the same time as you stayed for your comfort zone you can continuously collect your self doing the same issues, you can below no instances amble disagreeable but you can no longer even be taught anything else original “.

The decision and the desire to below no instances quit personal allowed Livia to face original, dangerous challenges that over time personal repaid her courage and dedication: “In 2008 we lost 80% of turnover. Lights out, a tranquil company, it used to be an unheard of deliver in 50 years of instruct. At that level, I seemed at my father and my brother and we belief about starting over with a brand original mission, an electrical bike, a mission that is also diversified, to again reinvent ourselves and to get out of the subtle moment “. And this is how Energica Motor Firm S.p.a. used to be born, the first company producing supersport electric motorcycles in Italy.

A company wherein there is lots of Italian style but above all, there is lots of Emilia, a space of Italy famed for its luxury vehicles and motorbikes;

 “We wrote Proudly Made In Modena on our bikes because our rental has a compulsory history for engines. Made in Italy is synonymous with advantageous effective, rigor intimately, but as a ways as the engines are eager, we reach the remarkable in our parts. We approach from the land the put Ferrari and Ducati had been born, companies famed in each put the arena for making the most sexy and most performing vehicles and motorcycles. And, from this level of glance, we personal a large accountability ”.

Per her have ride, combined with this custom-made in conjunction with the desire to face the financial crisis, the first electric bike models had been born which participated in the first competitions and at the moment won races. And it used to be in these same years that, conducting pattern, the Ego road super sports activities automobile used to be born, the starting model for the racing version, the Ego Corsa, for a brand original and lengthy-term mission desired by Dorna Sports activities and the FIM.

“There’s nothing original to manufacture. What you would also elevate out is let your self be inspired by one thing that already exists, interpret it in an progressive formulation to originate a particular combination. In spite of the entirety, this is what we are doing with the MotoE ™ World Cup: motorcycles existed, electric motorcycles as smartly, even races, but what did no longer yet exist had been electric bike competitions”.

On the different hand, returning to be fragment of the arena of competitions as a large protagonist used to be what Livia used to be having a see for ever since she entered the electrical market: “Personally, from a marketing level of glance, taking fragment in a championship is mandatory, it is one amongst the strongest, most issue communique strategies for promoting one’s product ”.

Dedicated to discovering the true deliver, the opportunity arose when Dorna Sports activities and the FIM started having a see for a single provider to originate a brand original Cup. This used to be an nice looking deliver for Livia and Energica, but at the same time complex: “Dorna is a if truth be told strong trace, it is a ways the number 1 company in the arena on this sector. They’d to be obvious to acquire the single manufacturer with the most though-provoking mission, we, on our facet, needed to showcase that we had been ready to give bikes with the entire required facets and performance – she highlights sooner than being ready to train with satisfaction – We’re the handiest manufacturers in the arena of high-performance electric motorcycles and we worked tirelessly to get this a ways ”. In transient, it used to be below no instances easy to get the amble-forward, but the most complex fragment used to be yet to approach again.

“We’re learning together, we are attempting out ourselves each day. We proceed to explore what it takes to construct a single-trace electric championship and Dorna continues to explore easy strategies to beef up this form of Cup. The total lot is original for all americans but none of us are happy, we are continuously confronting ourselves to beef up this collaboration, wherein ENEL also participates, who are no longer handiest a title sponsor but a compulsory provider that affords existence to this mission. It is a white paper and three of us are writing it and what has been written to this level reveals that we are committed to a a success mission ”.

The debut of the FIM ENEL MotoE ™ World Cup took region at Sachsenring, in July 2019, a pair of months later than the date before the entirety planned because of a hearth that saw the entire bikes burn in Jerez all by the pre-season test. An surprising and dramatic episode to which Livia reacted without hesitation by at the moment sending her workers home to reactivate your entire manufacturing chain: “I then at the moment told ENEL and Dorna, telling them that we’d personal redone the bikes in time to open the season in 2019. The first bikes had been inbuilt 365 days, the original ones in two months. There used to be no time to waste but handiest to roll up your sleeves and work “.

An unforeseen setback, which resulted in a fight in opposition to time that saw Livia and Energica approach out victorious: “The first time I hit the notice at the Sachsenring and saw the entire bikes lined up, I realized what we had been ready to raise out. We hadn’t region up neutral true one team, we hadn’t built two bikes, but we did a total championship ”.

The worries, fears, sleepless nights spent designing had been all price it as the FIM ENEL MotoE™ World Cup got right here to fruition in 2019, and it is now readying itself for its third spherical of action in 2020, at the Colossal Prix Lenovo in San Marino and the Rimini Riviera, scheduled to occur from September 11 to 13 at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli.

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