The FIA has on the present time presented that it will seemingly be launching a young process for the promotion of the FIA World Rallycross Championship.

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The announcement follows discussions between IMG and the FIA, in which IMG has expressed a desire now to no longer continue as the World RX promoter in 2021 and 2022. Discussions between the FIA and IMG are ongoing. The FIA remains committed to guaranteeing the ongoing success of the Championship.

Any event attracted to submitting a deliver to promote the Championship can also just peaceable contact Benoit Dupont, the FIA’s Off-Street Class Supervisor on the next address: bdupont@fia.com

The FIA is committed to the evolution of Rallycross with World RX in 2021 alongside RX2e – the critical-ever FIA electrical Rallycross Championship.

From 2022, World RX will develop to be fully electrical as fragment of the FIA’s long-term vision for the sport which became first printed in 2019.

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