(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Simulators have become an indispensable part of the world of motorsport. Thanks to them, groups come to the track with a well-prepared car without having driven just one meter. While the simulators now perfectly simulate reality, there are still differences. ( Guide: Your entry into sim racing! )

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Often the missing G-forces are brought into the field, the a simulator cannot recreate. Williams driver George Russell, however, brings up another factor: the fear factor.

“In the simulator you are not afraid at all,” says the 22 – year olds. “It is not now that we are constantly peeking while driving. But if you make a mistake in the simulator, you press the reset button and start over. In reality you give your mechanics a bit of work, to say the least. “

Simulators have now reached an enormous level of detail. Often the virtual is no longer the real world There are still areas in which a good simulation differs from a less good one: The tires.

“The tires are incredibly difficult to simulate. “ George Russell

” It’s incredibly difficult simulating the tires, “says Russell.” They are incredibly complex in their temperature development, how they work, how they deform around corners, and the air pressure is higher and lower. Then there are different mixes. It’s incredibly difficult to simulate. “

” For me, this is the difference between a high simulation and a less good one: the Tire model. “

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