(Motorsport-Total.com) – Actually, Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo shouldn’t have been third on the podium in Imola, but racing level driver Sergio Perez . At least if Andrew Inexperienced has his way. The technical director of the Perez racing team admits: “Looking back, we would have better decided differently.”

Sergio Perez

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One pit stop too much: Racing level driver Sergio Perez missed P3 Zoom Gain

What does Inexperienced refer to? On the additional pit stop by Perez under yellow, which he made while lying at P3 in lap 51. Racing Level gave its inform on the track.

Inexperienced justified this decision with tire concerns: “We were on the hard tires and our car warfare specifically geared towards prolonged runs. In the race We used to worry about having to put a re-initiate behind the security vehicle on hard tires. We would have had problems. “

Worst-case scenario occurs

A security vehicle section is from a racing level perspective “The worst imaginable could happen”, Inexperienced continued. He admits: his team was “unfortunately not on their toes” when this security vehicle section actually entered.

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Concerned that Perez might not be able to do a solid re-initiate with his used hard tires, the Mexican was brought to the Field.

“We thought it would be the safest and most logical choice to equip Sergio with soft tires so he wouldn’t have to worry about it,” says Inexperienced. “We believed that other groups would also act like this. But it always depends on how you tuned the cars for the race.”

And then Russell’s accident

In contrast to Perez, Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo, Ferrari Driver Charles Leclerc, AlphaTauri driver Daniil Kwjat and McLaren driver Lando Norris (initially) on the track, and Perez fell behind the named.

This handicap warfare at Racing Level willingly, still catching up, on the track. “But then there was another incident behind the security vehicle that could not be foreseen,” says Inexperienced and refers to the departure of Williams driver George Russell in Runde 51.

Six rounds followed under yellow. “That didn’t help,” says Inexperienced, “because the remaining race distance was even shorter, and clearly.”

The tender effect fizzled out

Indeed: Formula 1 drove only six laps after the re-initiate Green. Perez then drove in sixth place – and stayed in sixth.

Much to the annoyance of technical director Inexperienced, who says: “It could have turned out one way or the other.” And he praises Perez for his work in Imola: “He drove really well and the car was great too.” But the happy ending did not materialize.

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