(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Although one deducts points in summer for “Copygate” 15 got, Racing Level could still encumbered third place in the constructors’ championship. The Group is currently missing one point on this field, and rivals like Renault or McLaren could be annoyed that they did not pursue the matter further – then perhaps another place up would have been possible.

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McLaren, Racing Level and Renault are currently fighting for third place Zoom In finding

But McLaren CEO Zak Brown, whose group is currently tied with Racing Level, emphasizes: “We got what we wanted, and that struggle for clarity and a change of direction for the future,” he says.

If Racing Level reaches third place, then that’s okay: “You had an extremely fast car. It’s the third fastest in the field and struggled it all year round,” said Brown. “They have always been a strong group.”

Brown knows that in this sport it is best not to look back. “You shouldn’t regret anything. We’re just glad that we got the clarity that you can no longer copy a car in the way they did,” he says.

That means but not that you shouldn’t copy anything from others, says James Key, chief technology officer. He had already revealed that McLaren is taking a direction that has already been seen at Mercedes and Renault. But he emphasizes: “That doesn’t break the rules.”

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Because, in contrast to Racing Level, you only pursue one concept and think about it from scratch. “We don’t just take someone else’s surfaces, but only from our own thoughts and understanding,” says Key.

He compares it to ideas like the F-shaft, the blown diffuser or the Double diffuser. “These concepts were all developed by a group with a clever idea. And it would be crazy not to allow everyone else to develop these concepts themselves and try to maybe find a better solution,” says Key.

“This is how Formula 1 teams have always worked.”

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