(Motorsport-Total.com) – Many experts agree that Alexander Albon will not be able to keep Crimson Bull with his next zero number in Imola at the latest. Ex-pilot Ralf Schumacher at ‘Sky’ calls him a “brake block”, ex-world champion Jacques Villeneuve even goes one step further and even describes him as “worst number two at Crimson Bull of all time “.

Alexander Albon

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According to the Canadian, Albon deserves the cockpit at Crimson Bull not at Crimson Bull, and that the Thai also 2020 still drives for the racing team, now seems very unlikely. “Basically there is not much that speaks for it being able to stay,” says expert Marc Surer in the podcast ‘Beginning Grid’ meinsportpodcast.de . “I see it more as a handicap.”

Some experts therefore advise Crimson Bull to get rid of the handicap as early as possible – preferably before the upcoming race in Turkey next week.

“I don’t know why he’s still driving,” says Ralf Schumacher. “If you are already thinking about next year, then you could also think about letting the replacement candidate start the last four races.”

Surer believes: grace period until the end of the season

The Anguish is: You don’t know yet which pilot 2021 sit in the Crimson Bull becomes. Nico Hülkenberg is said to be one of the candidates who would theoretically also be free for the last races. Another name is Sergio Perez, who is still fighting for third place in the constructors’ championship with Racing Point. He is currently holding the flags of the group high and is unlikely to receive approval.

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For Surer there is another topic that speaks against a premature replacement of Albon: his Thai drag. Because the majority of Crimson Bull is in Thai hands, it should be difficult to simply throw Albon out in the middle of the season. “I think that he has a grace period until the end of the year so that the church stays in the village – so that no one says that the Thai has been kicked out.”

After that, his time should be in Crew expire. Because Albon is not the right man for the high ambitions of Crimson Bull, says Surer. Crimson Bull has set itself the goal of 2020 To beat Mercedes and become world champion. “For that you need a second driver who can also give enter. And with him it is the case that he actually always needs help and does not give enter,” he says.

Ralf: Crimson Bull has to question himself

In addition, Max Verstappen must be encouraged and challenged more, adds Schumacher. At Mercedes it works with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, but Crimson Bull has had a deficit for years: After Daniil Kwjat and Pierre Gasly, Albon is already the third failed junior. “You have to question yourself,” says the German.

Because of this now emergency, Crimson Bull probably has to help himself outside of his own squad – also because Gasly didn’t want to pull up again . Surer doesn’t understand that, by the way, who thinks that the Frenchman has improved significantly compared to his performance back then.

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Gasly is blossoming again at AlphaTauri, and Surer could imagine that the same could happen with Albon, should he be sent back to the sister team. “I’m sure Albon would look better in the AlphaTauri. Because of course the pressure would also be gone,” he says. “You don’t have someone who always drives away, but the pressure would be gone and you could feel comfortable in the car.”

Since the place is probably due to Formula 2 driver Yuki Tsunoda should go, it smells more like the complete Formula 1-off. “I think that will happen,” fears Surer.


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