1 – Lance STROLL (Racing Point)

2 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull)

3 – Sergio PÉREZ (Racing Point)


(Done by Mark Webber) 


Q: Sergio, those were extremely grand cases. You had pole plot for a spacious majority of the session, especially while you went onto those intermediate tyres, you view extremely gratified. Flee us throughout the session and it became also a spacious result for the personnel recently?

Sergio PÉREZ: Yeah, a spacious result for the personnel and one thing we weren’t basically expecting. Very pleased. Within the extinguish we were swish unlucky. In my final lap, when the observe became at its greatest, I had Giovinazzi in entrance and he simply didn’t pass out of the procedure in which and then I lose my lap. I judge it became a spacious call, . For the reason that starting put we were slightly loyal. Song plot became key recently as effectively, so that you just need to possibly take care of your temperature on the tyres, but yeah I judge we’re in a spacious plot. I positively blueprint shut P3 than P2, I judge the next day at the originate there shall be a swish distinction.


Q: Max, oh boy, oh boy, that regarded care for a extremely grand session. Within the session, on beefy wets, you were in a league of your occupy. Clearly the intermediates regarded care for the tyre to be on for all people as in the extinguish the pole plot tyres, on the other hand it swish didn’t view care for you as gratified on that as the intense?

Max VERSTAPPEN: No, already in Q1 once we tried to coast out on the inters we had no grip. The observe became powerful greater in Q3 but for us the inters were unsuitable. The intense tyres were swish, very gratified. Yeah…. No longer swish.


Q: Reasonably bit lost for words, that’s understandable. By potential of the jog the next day, you’re silent in a spacious plot, the vehicle regarded very effectively balanced on slick tyres, if it is dry the next day, we’re no longer so obvious of the weather but, but bustle us through ranging from the entrance row the next day to purchase the war to these Racing Point cars?

MV: Yeah, for the time being I’m rather upset so… Clearly, the jog the next day, we are able to silent attain effectively, but while you furthermore mght can very effectively be first all he time and you contrivance out second it’s no longer what you need. The weather are the next day, so I am hoping we possess a swish jog.


Q: Thanks Max. Now, the man of the second let’s reveal, buddy. Stroll on pole! That sounds care for as swish headline, buddy. It’s been a extremely grand few weeks for you; you’ve long past through hundreds things whether or no longer it’s astray or on-observe efficiency, and talk about coming alive when it counted. Pole plot, buddy – first time since Jacques Villeneueve. It’s been a lengthy time between drinks for Canadians. There’s steam coming off you! You’re on fireplace, literally.

Lance STROLL:  I mean I’m able to’t basically set it into words just now. I’m nervous. I didn’t demand us to be right here after FP3. There were deal of things we weren’t too obvious of coming into qualifying. We didn’t view too competitive in P3 but I’m so fully overjoyed just now. I for jog set that lap collectively there at the extinguish. I became below deal of stress. I only had one lap to realize it there at the extinguish. We began on the moist tyre and then we boxed for inters. We had one lap where Valtteri spun in entrance of me and then I had one lap to realize it. I had the self perception in the vehicle and I swish nailed slightly powerful every nook and pieced it collectively effectively. It’s this kind of expedient procedure to leap assist after just a few rough weeks, since Mugello basically it’s been a rough mosey for me, so feels swish. Feels basically swish just now.


Q: Sergio became working the pole plot rather early on. Were you attentive to that? Originate there became pole in the vehicle or were you swish on your occupy limited battle?

LS: I knew we were up there at the entrance. Listening to my engineers he became giving me feedback every lap on where we were but in these cases you don’t basically possess time to tell where you furthermore mght can very effectively be what’s going on around you; it’s swish the next nook in entrance of you. Once I got on the inter I knew we were in swish form. It became slightly crooked up for these cases around right here, as a minimal, and to position it on pole is a clear second for me, one of the fundamental greatest highlights of my profession. We dream about these moments rising up and it’s slightly special.


Q: Within the occasion you pull up on the grid the next day there shall be no one in entrance of you. Are you ready castle that?

LS: Let me coast to sleep first and I’ll contend with that the next day!




Q: Lance, many congratulations, what a day. You’ve had a rapid time for it to sink in now. What’s your overriding emotion?

LS: I’m silent no longer basically in the second just now. I’m rather lost for words. It became this kind of loopy session. It’s been a loopy day since this morning. In these moist cases it became swish so slippery the total procedure through qualifying. It became basically swish a case of being on the just tyre at the just time at the extinguish on Q3 and I had one lap to elevate it at the extinguish of qualifying. I felt care for I had the self perception in the vehicle and the consistency in my driving to realize it and at the extinguish of the session there I pieced my lap collectively rather effectively and didn’t basically build any errors and yeah, I’m sitting right here in pole plot. It’s a slightly special second for me especially after the last couple of months it’s been a rough mosey for me. Since Mugello basically. I haven’t scored a level since my podium in Monza. It’s been a rough bustle, with incidents and COVID. So powerful has been going on and to leap assist care for this and set it on pole plot recently is terribly special for me.


Q: Lance, the resolution for Inters became crucial in Q3. Turn out to be it a straight forward resolution for you guys to position the Inters on – because most other folks stayed on Wets?

LS: For me it became. Yes, I expected to be on Wets unless the extinguish of qualifying with the observe cases swish being so poor and the skin being so slippery – but in Q3 on that Wet tyre I became basically feeling poor grip and I swish knew the observe became drying up and it became time to coast on Inters. So we pitted for Inters with just a few laps to coast and straight after I got on the Intermediate tyre, it became powerful greater. So, that became positively the just tyre to be on but in these cases it’s so complicated. The skin is so slippery, it’s so anxious to present an clarification for whether or no longer it’s greatest to discontinue on the beefy Wet or coast to the Intermediate – especially with the observe being so slippery. Everything is telling you beefy Wet, beefy Wet – but I became powerful greater off on the Intermediate there at the extinguish and yeah, the result says all of it.


Q: And Lance, I know you’re living in the second just now but throwing it forwards to the jog, attain you watched you’ve got the vehicle to blueprint shut the Turkish Expansive Prix the next day?

LS: It’s a enormous demand. Any other time, it depends on what the cases are doing to realize. I haven’t basically regarded at the cases but for the next day but I heard presumably there became of project of rain at the originate of the jog, so we’ll overview what occurs. That would combine things up. I’ll contend with that in just a few hours. I’ll let this sink in. I’m going to revel in the second for obvious. It’s a really special second for me. First pole plot in Formula One. We’re going to digest that for just a few hours and then focal level on the jog.


Q: Max, quickest in every session this weekend besides Q3. How pissed off are you feeling?

MV: Yes, I judge it’s the foremost time I sit down right here this three hundred and sixty five days upset. So, I judge that claims all of it. It became all going rather effectively on the Wet tyres but already in Q1 after I attempted to coast on the Inters it became swish no longer working at all even when compared with other folks on Inters around me. So, I became, in Q3 no longer very obvious to coast on Inters because I felt basically gratified on the intense tyres so, once we boxed and we went out, I had no grip at all when compared with the laps I became doing earlier than. Appropriate very disappointing to be second.


Q: Had you stayed on the intense moist tyre, attain you watched pole plot became imaginable recently?

MV: Neatly, I judge the observe… yeah… became positively leaning in direction of Intermediates but for me it swish felt so poor that I judge, if I’d swish stayed out on the Wets I would possess accomplished the same lap time. Clearly one thing became no longer working for us recently on that tyre.


Q: And throwing it forward to the next day, with rather of luck a cracking swish Turkish Expansive Prix coming out procedure ­– but attain you watched it is probably going you’ll well blueprint shut it?

MV: I don’t know. We’ll discover the next day, to be just. I judge Lewis and Valtteri are rather extra down but I’m also starting now on the within so that’s no longer very stunning. However we’ll discover the next day.


Q: Sergio, coming to you. Your first prime three originate in Formula 1, and you were fastest for a whereas in Q3. Are you rather upset to no longer be on pole?

SP: Yeah. No doubt I judge, in direction of the extinguish I judge my final lap became going basically effectively. Very loyal first sector but I caught out with Giovinazzi and that became it basically. I attempted to overhaul him but I swish simply lost too powerful. I lost the rear extinguish to Flip Six, spun out and there became nothing more I would attain. The resolution became swish, in the starting put, to discontinue on the Inter, I judge the Inter worked basically effectively for us, but I judge swish the timing there at the extinguish, with the observe getting powerful greater on the final stages saved us from pole – but on the different hand it’s a spacious result for the personnel and with rather of luck the next day we are able to construct it into deal of parts for us.




Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Flee) Quiz to Lance and to Max. Lance, can we swish rep your thoughts on how the vehicle developed while you switched to Inters in Q3? Turn out to be it a transformation or did the temperatures contrivance into the tyres? And Max, did it coast the different direction for you? What became it about the Inter that you just were struggling with? Did it fundamentally alternate the procedure in which the vehicle became behaving?

LS: I swish found a enormous step in total grip, so straight after I set the Intermediate on, I swish straight felt a transformation in grip and went quite a bit faster.


And Max, how became it for you while you set the Inter on?

MV: Yeah, no grip. No entrance grip. Particularly where there became moderately bit more standing water I became struggling quite a bit. Thru the rapid nook I became alright – but I swish felt the shattering, , so the entrance tyres weren’t spicy up.


Q: And likewise you came out swish in the assist of an Alfa Romeo. How powerful did that possess an impression on the warm-up of the tyre and…

MV: Presumably rather. I don’t are attempting to blame it on that. For us, that tyre became swish no longer working so we swish wish to view into that.


Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Quiz for Max. You sounded so upset on the personnel radio but you furthermore mght can very effectively be P2 and with out doubt the greatest competitor. The Mercedes are slightly a ways assist in the assist of. Would you be happier while it is probably going you’ll well also be P1 and the Mercedes swish in the assist of you?

MV: I’m swish upset since the total weekend we’re first and it regarded…


Recording cuts


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport): Initiate of ask to LS slash off … you known as for or were the personnel telling you what became going on with Sergio’s lap instances on the inters? After which while you came out, you acknowledged you found deal of grip straight but did it is crucial to realize any extra work to take care of the temperature in the tyres, given what we’ve considered all weekend, even in the dry on the unique surface?

LS: Neatly, both myself and the personnel agreed that it became greatest to contrivance in on inters, contrivance in and match inters. They were updating me on Sergio’s high-tail and at the same time I felt the moist tyre became rather poor, when compared with Q2, especially, there became a enormous loss in grip when compared with Q2 already so that gave me a imprint that it became time to coast to inters. Then no, after I got on the inter useless to say, in these cases, it’s crucial to generate temperature early leaving the pit lane and push, lean on the tyre to generate temperature but that’s what I did and care for I acknowledged, my first lap I had a Mercedes in entrance of me that spun but I silent improved, even with that but that wasn’t swish sufficient for pole and on the second lap I had a slightly clear lap, it became spacious.


Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) To all three: what did you watched about the jog director’s going through of the topic? Were the timings just, both in the case of purple flagging, stopping, starting the classes etc?

SP: I judge they were OK. Appropriate doubtlessly in Q1 it took rather longer in the case of drying up bigger than even the observe but as opposed to that, I judge it became slightly correct.

LS: Yeah, I agree, I judge it became Okay, it became swish.

MV: I agree.


Q: (Christian Nimmervoll – motorsport.com) Max, I hear what you reveal about tyre in Q3 but even on the inters we could possibly well overview that in 17 of the 23 mini-sectors of the last you were purple. What went unsuitable in those last corners?

MV: I became going faster but I had no grip so when compared with the steadiness I had earlier than. Like I acknowledged, doubtlessly it wasn’t the just tyre to be on on the other hand it became no longer swish. We ought to were doing greater, switching to that tyre, when compared with what we were doing earlier than. We were conveniently in first when compared with all people else on the intense tyre so we positively missed one thing there. Doesn’t topic while you coast purple or red when compared with yourself.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Flee) Lance, this isn’t the foremost time that we’ve considered you excel in moist cases but clearly this became such an entertaining journey with how low grip the observe became. Are you able to swish elaborate moderately bit why you watched you’re able to rep more out of the cases care for this and what became that step from Q1 to Q2 to Q3? Did you furthermore mght can very effectively be feeling this more or much less giant-killing efficiency coming?

LS: Yeah, I’ve had some swish moist performances in F1 but I don’t know, recently, each day’s assorted. Every observe is assorted. Stipulations are consistently altering, despite the truth that it’s moist, surfaces are altering and things are consistently assorted. I judge basically the essential recently became basically getting the tyre to swap on. All weekend it’s been about getting the tyre to swap on – on this surface it’s so crucial and recently I judge we were able to realize that moderately effectively for these cases. To be just, through Q1, Q2, Q3 I felt care for I became in a swish plot but again, you don’t basically know where you’re going to total up since it is so dependent on what tyre you’re on at the just time but that impacts the result hugely so I judge it became swish about being on the just tyre at the just time at the extinguish of Q3 and switching on, that became the foremost thing. I became getting that tyre to work which I feel we did and that’s what gave me the self perception to basically attack the lap and set it collectively.


Q: (Alex Kalinauckas – Autosport) To all three: what were cases care for in the course of the day, racing on the unique and controversial observe surface in the moist? How did it overview, as an instance, driving your cars in the moist when compared with what you elaborate in Austria at the originate of the season?

MV: Shit.

Q: Grand worse that Austria?

MV: Yup.

Q: What about the moist in Portimão?

MV: Did it rain? I honestly can’t… it’s so… He’s slightly talkative so…

LS: Yeah, it became rather rather worse than Austria. This surface is swish so powerful worse than anyplace else we’ve been to all three hundred and sixty five days in the case of grip.

SP: I agree.



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