(Motorsport-Whole.com) – The accident of Romain Grosjean drew significantly more viewers in front of the TV screens at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Because the Mountainous Prix after the wreck of the Haas pilot for more than 80 minutes had to be interrupted, this time the odds for the race are split in two.

Romain Grosjean

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Romain Grosjean’s accident caused a long interruption Zoom Compile

What is noticeable is that both RTL and ORF have significantly higher rates for the race after the restart than when it was first initiated, when it was canceled after a few meters had to be.

3, 83 Millions of fans were at RTL for the first initiation at 15: 10 watch in front of the TV, 4, 13 Millions of fans were counted after the restart. According to the private broadcaster, more than five million viewers tuned in at the peak.

Nevertheless, it was noticed that the interest after the established title of Lewis Hamilton has decreased. Because 2019 were still 4, 82 Millions of fans in Bahrain – and that with warmer temperatures in April. At that time, Bahrain also warfare the second race of the season and saw the two Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel in the front row.

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The market share dawdle in the second part of the race at 17, 8 percent, in the target group at least 16, 4 percent picked up – also significantly less than that 24, 4 percent from the previous year.

Pay- TV station Sky could find out about 570. 000 Viewers are happy to change into once since the first triple header in Austria and Hungary has not been achieved. There was a strong 5.7 percent market share in the target group.

The interest in Austria was similar: 578. 000 Spectators to the first part of the race (32 percent market share) already meant a good quota, which, however, increased to 672. 000 fans (34 percent) was increased. For the second race even 690. 000 Fans counted – only for Steiermark-GP looked again 1. fans more too.

The market share fell with 28 percent but much weaker than in this one Season. However, this has to do with the later start time of the race, change into once generally has a negative effect on the market share, as has been observed in the past few years even later, namely at 18: 10 Clock. This means that a higher number of viewers can be assumed, but a lower market share.

An overview of all the odds for the season 2020 can be found on our sister site de. motorsport.com !

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