(Motorsport-Total.com) – 2020 the name Schumacher returns to the formula 1 back when Mick Schumacher will give birth to the Haas-Group . With his titles in Formula 3 European Championships and Formula 2, the young German has proven that he has the sporting quality for the premier class, but expert Johnny Herbert warns against comparing him with superstars like Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen .

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“Is he a Max? Is he a Lewis? We have to wait and see,” says the Briton in the podcast ‘In The Lickety-split Lane’ . “He’s a rather slow learner, while Max and Lewis can just get into a car and, bang, they’re there,” said Herbert. “Mick takes a little longer, but he has to get off the starting blocks in Formula 1 anyway.”

The past has shown that Schumacher always needs a year to get used to. In Formula 4, he became runner-up in his second year, and in Formula 3 and Formula 2 he also made his breakthrough in the second attempt. At Haas it has already been emphasized that 2021 with his two rookies will be a year of learning.

Herbert emphasizes: “That comes with self-confidence. But I think that he has gained self-confidence through the title. And the knowledge that he will be in a Formula 1 car also gives him Self-confidence “, so the Briton.

Mick Schumacher drives Haas – and soon also Ferrari?

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Mick Schumacher fährt Haas - und bald auch Ferrari?

Does Mick Schumacher have what it takes to become a Formula 1 world champion? “Yes, he did!” Says expert Marc Surer. “With this talent and the way he does it More Formula 1 movies

One would also think that Mick inherited the self-confidence from father Michael, who is a teammate from Benetton Herbert battle. “Michael always had this self-confidence, even before we got into Formula 1,” he says. But he recognized other traits in Mick.

“He’s a lovely guy , very friendly and actually even shy. Completely different from Michael, “says the Briton.” He is much calmer than his father. “

And now Herbert is curious to see how the son of his ex-team-mate will fare on the track : “I’m happy that we will have a Schumacher back in Formula 1. It will be fascinating to see how his career will mature over the years. “

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