F3 – 2021 season/ Spherical 4 Budapest – Post-qualifying press conference transcript 

Thoughts from Leclerc, Hauger and Doohan

FIA System 3: Congratulations to the tip three Qualifiers for Ride 3 of the FIA System 3 Championship right here on the Hungaroring. In third location, Jack Doohan for Trident. In second location Dennis Hauger for PREMA Racing and taking his first pole in System 3 our pole sitter Arthur Leclerc also for PREMA. Arthur, an unbelievable end result for you, how fulfilling is this moment?

Arthur Leclerc: It’s far a sizable moment, in particular on this track on legend of I’ve by no approach raced right here so it be famous more special. There’s numerous corners, numerous high-velocity corners, it be most likely the most trickiest tracks I’ve skilled for now so I’m if reality be told solely overjoyed to assemble the pole right here, first pole of the season. We improved somewhat so a lot with the group and with the Ferrari Driver Academy, how to device the things in Quali in particular on legend of it used to be now no longer my strongest point on the beginning attach apart of the year, but we made it!

FIA System 3: Can you repeat us rather of bit more about that on legend of your old easiest in Qualifying used to be ninth. So, what beget you ever modified through your device, and likewise on the automobile?

Leclerc: I modified somewhat so a lot the manner. A couple of things on the automobile first, like the plight-up. We chanced on rather higher plight-up for how we device Quali and me, my mindset and how I traipse into Quali is if reality be told fundamental. I have confidence in Paul Ricard and the old races I used to be per chance placing rather of bit more strain on myself, but we know that we beget the tempo, we’ve showed that we beget the tempo, we moral need to be device more peaceful, device more affected person, and the outcomes will near.

FIA System 3: Now you’re going to be taking a three-location penalty in Ride 1 which is a hangover from the closing toddle in Austria. How tricky will or now no longer it be to form development on condition that right here’s a really tight track and naturally you beget now no longer been right here forward of so through bag the gorgeous overtaking areas?

Leclerc: I have confidence this will now no longer be easy, we know that this track is if reality be told if reality be told laborious to overtake. It’s one step more than Barcelona or Paul Ricard so for definite this will now no longer be easy, but I’m taking it. I did a mistake in Austria, so I even need to pay for it. So, we are going to open P15 in Ride 1 and I will develop my easiest to shut relief to the tip twelve to develop something in Ride 2.

FIA System 3: Enormous stuff Arthur! Dennis, coming to you now. Factual one tenth of a second on the relief of your teammate, how correct used to be that lap gorgeous on the pause of the session?

Dennis Hauger: It used to be somewhat a messy session general for me there used to be some things on the beginning attach apart that had been my mistake, but we bought relief in the rhythm regardless. Nonetheless then I could per chance well no longer gather my engine began as a result of heat so the water temperature went up, we moral tried to assemble one closing lap gorgeous on the pause it used to be somewhat awful on legend of all people used to be on their in-laps and had already performed their lap. I if reality be told needed to push and provides the entirety, and that closing one wasn’t most though-provoking. I have confidence the functionality used to be there to be on top, but general, I used to be if reality be told solely overjoyed with that closing lap and getting up to the second location on the grid. I have confidence it be a correct space to begin from for Sunday’s toddle.

FIA System 3: The track prerequisites had been so a lot hotter in Qualifying that they’ve been for the duration of direct this morning, what challenges did that recent?

Hauger: I have confidence other folks attach apart their quickest lap on the beginning attach apart of the session, or on their second plight, so I wasn’t if reality be told definite how instant the track used to be in that closing minute. It used to be somewhat disturbing since the track used to be changing from Free Apply the entire device to Quali so it used to be somewhat refined. You in reality needed to settle a see at and organize it, if reality be told give the entirety available and investigate cross-check to maximise it even supposing it wasn’t easy on legend of it used to be changing each lap.

FIA System 3: You’ve got a 41-point aid in the Championship coming into this spherical. What goes on to be your device this weekend?

Hauger: It’s aloof a prolonged season forward so I have confidence I’m moral having the same mindset I’ve had all season; it be working successfully to this point. Clearly, the Qualifying has been stable, so we moral need to think the races, pause peaceful and gather the points at successfully I have confidence that is what won us closing weekend so we moral need to settle a see at and defend that rhythm going.

FIA System 3: Thank you Dennis. Jack coming to you, many congratulations, even supposing you gave the impact rather of pissed off by the traffic on the pause of the session.

Jack Doohan: It wasn’t very very most though-provoking for me, I have confidence many of us would would prefer to be P3 but on the present time we had the functionality for famous more. We couldn’t gather the automobile began after we had been presupposed to switch for the same causes to Dennis; too high gasoline strain, the temperature used to be too high. So, I didn’t think I used to be going to assemble out, but fortunately, we did. Then we moral weren’t in a correct space for some motive, many of us had been making numerous errors and the four cars in entrance of me managed to run broad and traipse off the track. So, I used to be handing over on grassy motorway and then bought impeded in the second sector and then also sadly into Turn 12. I don’t know if the driver saw me or now no longer, so I didn’t know in the event that they had been going to assemble out of the manner. So, for the optimal lap of the session to beget it like that used to be very disappointing. The session wasn’t going very very most though-provoking for the fundamental run, I wasn’t solely solely overjoyed, so we made an adjustment for the second run which used to be so a lot higher, but I took rather of warning on legend of I didn’t know the device in which it used to be going to react. I knew I had a knowing up my sleeve after the second run but sadly didn’t gather to show mask it in the third run.

FIA System 3: Jack you disclose you were not solely overjoyed at the side of your first run in Qualifying, but you would aloof made what gave the look of somewhat a broad step from direct? Had you modified the automobile famous?

Doohan: No, I didn’t run recent tyres in direct, so I used to be if reality be told solely overjoyed in direct if reality be told, when all people used to be on the same tyres, we had been the quickest by a margin. Then all people went for recent tyres, and we caught to our programme so it would no longer if reality be told matter there might per chance be no points awarded there might per chance be nothing to carry out. As prolonged as we develop our part and persist with our programme, what matters is what we accumulate for Qualifying.

FIA System 3: Enormous, thanks all!

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