Jon Armstrong and Phil Hall receive laid down the gauntlet for his or her Junior WRC championship danger, taking their second victory of the season following a flawless performance on Ypres Rally Belgium.

Armstrong changed into as soon as supreme one day of the total all-out asphalt affair on Ypres’s iconic roads, taking seven stage wins and leading from originate to extinguish. 


Sami Pajari and co-driver Marko Salminen claimed second establish apart of residing after combating assist from fourth and selecting up two Wolf Stage Take aspects along the diagram in which. 


Robert Virves scored his second podium of the season to claim third, narrowly missing out on stage wins one day of the rally.


Lauri Joona changed into as soon as engaged in a fight for the rostrum, ultimately settling for fourth after to delivery with operating second on Friday. 


Martins Sesks had a disastrous occasion, entirely two Wolf Stage Take Positive aspects on the total rally, crashing one day of shakedown and retiring for the day on Saturday after becoming stranded in a ditch. He restarted on Sunday to claim sixth.


William Creighton and Liam Regan hit the bottom operating on Ypres Rally with aggressive cases from shakedown, they went on to take a total of seven Wolf Stage Take Positive aspects, drawing level faithful with Armstrong and Hall for many stage wins on Ypres Rally. 


Creighton firmly established himself as a class act and contender for future wins and podiums in Junior WRC following his performance Ypres Rally. A technical narrate misplaced him two minutes on the third stage of the rally but from there the Irishman went from strength to strength, refusing to quit while pushing laborious for stage wins. His first stage capture came on stage seven on Friday evening but he came into his contain on Saturday, pulling but any other three stage wins. Creighton received three out of the four aggressive stages on Sunday at closing finishing fifth, scoring a healthy haul of aspects.


Robert Virves came to Ypres following a disappointing outcome on his dwelling rally in Estonia. He bowled over many with a truly aggressive trek on Ypres’s tarmac roads, every so often not easy for stage wins and ending Friday in second. Saturday seen the Estonian drop to Third and forward of fourth positioned Lauri Joona by 30 seconds, an attend he maintained to the extinguish of the rally, claiming his second Junior WRC podium of 2021.


Pajari to delivery with struggled with self assurance and dedication on Ypres Rally, he came upon some time on the second loop of Friday to commence closing in on a podium establish apart of residing but ended the day with out a stage capture. On Saturday he struggled again for trek on the opening loop, returning with self assurance one day of the afternoon’s stages to issue two stage wins and extinguish the day in second. Sunday seen the Finn capture his establish apart of residing and issue dwelling but any other necessary outcome to attend his championship campaign.


Armstrong changed into as soon as the man of the moment on Ypres Rally, he topped the timesheets on shakedown and didn’t gaze assist from there. Friday changed into as soon as an especially efficient day for the Northern Irishman, pulling out five stage wins from seven aggressive stages to amass a 50-second outcome in extinguish the day. Armstrong bagged but any other two Wolf Stage Take Positive aspects on Saturday to further cement his lead which had eclipsed the minute ticket after Saturday’s stages. On Sunday Armstrong admitted to be driving with full care for accumulating the outcome, holding assist from pursuing more stage wins and crossed the extinguish at the Spa Francorchamps circuit to take his second ever FIA Junior WRC occasion capture.


Maciej Woda, FIA Junior WRC Championship Supervisor, acknowledged: “Tall congratulations to Jon Armstrong and Phil Hall who receive every conducted exceptionally on Ypres Rally. The pair made no errors in any appreciate and were supreme one day of, that is a gorgeous victory for them, and it has rocketed them up the championship standings. Taking into story Junior WRC drops a driver’s worst classification get, Jon is in high establish apart of residing for the championship heading to Rally Spain. Sami Pajari had pretty a fight on his hands with this rally, but he dug deep after struggling on Friday morning, inserting in a normal power and claimed a properly earned second establish apart of residing. In an identical establish apart of residing, Robert Virves has near assist from Rally Estonia and essentially impressed me along with his tarmac trek, in particular for an Estonian driver, his preparation essentially paid off for this one. William Creighton and Liam Regan essentially impressed me too on Ypres, despite their difficulties, they delivered some essentially correct cases, William’s attitude and backbone changed into as soon as very admirable. We are now heading to our final round of the championship with double classification aspects on provide and the likelihood to capture a impress-fresh Fiesta Rally2, 200 Pirelli tyres and the different of a lifetime! It’s going to be a gorgeous battle and I essentially can not wait!”


1. Jon Armstrong / Phil Hall 02: 51: 55.4

“It’s been a extremely correct weekend all round we didn’t know what it changed into as soon as going to be like this weekend since the rally is fresh for the majority of driver in Junior WRC. Fortunately we were essentially swiftly out of the blocks we pulled an amazing lead on day one. Then the remaining of the rally now we were making an are trying to administer that. It’s appropriate been very grand right this moment time in particular. Whenever you commence to take a stare upon and run gradual it’s laborious to assist a rhythm and pay consideration then again it’s not seemingly to capture and correct for the championship.”


2. Sami Pajari / Marko Salminen +01: 00.6

“Evidently it changed into as soon as an amazing danger and for me it changed into as soon as a shining bigger danger. I remember Jon essentially deserved the capture, but I remember he changed into but again accustomed to the stages. I’m essentially happy for my second establish apart of residing so it wasn’t too wrong after so I must soundless be ample with myself.”


3. Robert Virves / Aleks Lesk +01: 21.7

“The sensation changed into as soon as correct, and I changed into as soon as appropriate driving within the happy rhythm most important plan changed into as soon as to extinguish and have the kilometres to get as a lot as trip as imaginable, it’s a various rally that’s a ways from straightforward. I changed into as soon as doing it as preparation for the future. The cases weren’t so wrong either it changed into as soon as fine to be on the rostrum again after some pretty tremendous points.”


4. Lauri Joona / Mikael Korhonen +01: 47.8

“It changed into as soon as very not easy bolt and for Finnish guys it’s pretty tricky, but also I love it. Phases were essentially narrow in particular with the cuts.”


5. William Creighton / Liam Regan +03: 31.9

“Ultimate rally, with spectacular trek in particular on right this moment time’s stages as it changed into as soon as fresh for everyone right this moment time. It’s a disgrace relating to the narrate on Friday then again it changed into as soon as commence air of our alter, we were essentially happy to reward our trek with seven stage wins and properly accomplished to Jon.”


6. Martins Sesks / Renars Francis +71: 29.7

“I remember it is a ways the most disappointing rally that I receive learned the most from, which is the hardest share of the rally.”

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